Benefits Leaves Cabe Rawit For Natural Medicine

Cayenne small size but spicy taste, after the previous review about the Great Cabe now turn to dissect the benefits and efficacy of cayenne pepper plants. Similarly chilli fruits of these plants is also an ingredient in the manufacture of spicy sauce and seasoning in cooking any kind of TUKANG TAMAN SURABAYA dishes. Only the size of the fruit is smaller but more spicy taste. talk leaves usability issues can be utilized to overcome some health problems that often we experience in everyday life.

Plant leaves Cayenne included in herbal plants that can be a recipe for an alternative treatment. So do not just pick the fruit just for cooking but also use the leaves for a natural remedy that is much safer than we should be taking drugs that are likely based on chemical substances which could possibly lead to other effects.

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For the following are some prescription medications from Leaf Cayenne:

– Coping with Acne

Make a mask on the face with acne of cayenne pepper leaf material that has been smoothed. In the use of masks it takes approximately 15 minutes to dry can only be cleaned using warm water.

– Treating Ulcers

Layukan cayenne pepper leaf surface has been smeared vegetable oil first and paste it on the body part being exposed ulcers.

– Treating Stomach Pain And Sign Wind

Material :
15 Gram leaves young cayenne pepper that has been milled
1/2 tsp whiting

Concocting ways:
Mix all ingredients and blend over the abdomen. this can be done only once or twice only.

– Pereda High Fever

A handful of leaves cayenne pepper that has been mashed mixed with 1 tablespoon salad oil. The herb ditempelan on the crown of or can be at the entire body smeared with a thick cloth covered coupled with the goal of keeping out the sweat and heat quickly dropped.

– Knocked out hair diketiak

In this case the necessary process of waxing (shaving) first and after a clean scrub and massage using cayenne pepper leaves are still fresh and young. This method creates a feeling rather hot on the skin but it is to make the hair growth stops. note if irritation occurs discontinue this way.

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