Discuss Calculation of Installment Credit Motor Delay Fines


Discussing Calculation of Loan Installment Delay Fine Motor
In previous articles we have discussed about the importance of sewa videotron paying your motor loan installments on time. One of the points that we emphasize is that paying a loan installment of motor you are late can hurt you because there is a late fee is payable.

In this article we will discuss about the calculation of the fine motor loans.
(In this article we only discuss the calculation of fines credits with leasing FIF & Adira. For other nominal leasing may be a little different but the outline remains the same)

1. How to Calculate the Late Payment Penalties Motor Loan Installment

Payment of fines starting from the first day you are late. Fines are calculated per day of 0.5% of the nominal installments.

Example if you are maturing every December 10 and you just pay the installments on the 15th then you’ve counted fines for 5 days. If you are nominal installments of 650,000, perhitunggan fines per day is 650,000 x 0.5% = 3,250 (per day). Then the calculation of the total fines amounted to 3,250 x 5 days = 16,250.

2. How to Pay Fine Motor Credit Installment Payment Delays

The payment can be done at the time of installment payments, or upon completion of the installment.
In some leasing there is a difference in pay fines, for example:

On leasing FIF to fines under 25,000 then the penalty payment can be done by the time you pay the installments by wire transfer or post office or Alfamart. But for a fine above 25,000 then you can just pay the fine by coming directly to the branch office leasing.
At Adira leasing, payment of fines can only be done in the office leasing concerned.
If you do not pay the fine at the time of repayment, the total amount of the fine you will be accumulated and need to be paid upon making your reg.

If you’ve been late paying installments over 30 days, the installment payment must be made directly at the branch office leasing for payment can not be made via transfer.

3. Period Tolerance Motor Credit Installment Payment Delay

The period of tolerance of late payment usually is different for each leasing.
Broadly speaking, the following is a period of tolerance.

You can be visited by collectors if you are late paying installments over 4 days.
To delay 60-90 days then your bike can be withdrawn by the leasing. In the withdrawal procedure, your name will also be blacklisted by the lease so that you can not apply for credit back to the leasing of the same.

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