What are the Benefits White Eggs for Beauty?


In the egg, there are two major parts of the egg white and yolk. Both have good nutritional value. For facial treatments, a part that is often used is egg white, because in it has several advantages when compared with egg yolk. Egg whites or known as the albumin-laden rich in protein and no fat. Egg whites also has benefits for the issuing of dead skin on the face to make the face becomes clean and bright. Not only that there are many benefits of egg whites to take care of your face, is as follows:

Any benefits for the Egg White Face Care?

1. Tighten and Moisturize skin
The egg white provides a sense of taut facial skin and makes pores become smaller. Mix one teaspoon of white eggs with one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of olive oil. Apply on the face and neck until dry. After that, rinse with warm water. If done regularly, the pores will shrink. This method can also make your skin soft.
Chicken eggs can provide face protection so that acne is not easily arise.
Can be overcome and blemishes / dark spots resulting from acne scars
Addressing and treating your nose (especially can prevent stubborn blackheads)
Restore cell pores that have been opened so that the pores will be closed again.
Troubleshooting oily dirt along with that result.
How to make a mask of egg white?
Materials – materials that you need to prepare:
White eggs taken from a chicken egg (village)
Pure honey that has not been mixed with about 1 tablespoon of the chemical.

The way the application and use egg white mask:
The first step to open a chicken egg
Take the egg whites and yolks separated by
Beat the egg whites which we prepared earlier in the plate or container until the egg white-foam bubbles.
Put one tablespoon of honey that had been prepared into the beaten egg whites, mix the two ingredients until evenly distributed.
A mixture of egg white and honey is that you can Dab lightly and evenly on the face area.
Do not be washed out after completion of applying (let stand about 30 menitan or mask to dry)
Wash your face with clean water and pat your face with a soft cloth / soft towel.
For a more natural way this can give the maximum positive effect, you can use this way of at least 1-2 times a week (use before sleep).

Another way is by whisking the egg whites until slightly frothy. Then, wipe the face immediately and then rinse with warm water. Eliminate eye bags are often sleep late or too much activity can cause eye fatigue and baggy. It could also affect the beauty of yourself. To overcome apply a thin egg whites dikantong eyes and wait up to 10 minutes or dry, then rinse.

Easy is not to treat the face with egg whites? In addition to easy, it is also not too spend your deep and has little negative impact on the face because of the small chemicals used.

2. Against Skin Irritation
Egg mask is very good for treating skin irritation. This is because the egg has amino acids that are useful for reducing inflammation of the skin. High protein content is also good for the face. To fight against skin irritation in the body of the egg white mix with your bath soap. Naturally, your skin will heal irritated.

3. Maintain the Beauty and Hair Health
For hair care, use egg white is mixed with water and applied directly to the hair like wearing a hair tonic. for hair masks, beat eggs until fluffy or until frothy white stiff and rubbed kerambut then rinsed.

Many not benefit chicken eggs for beauty, how well are not too difficult, but it does little need patience to achieve the maximum, benefits of egg whites to the health and beauty of the face can be a natural way to treat and keep skin and hair healthy, clean and fresh.

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