Tired of Mall? Try outbound Malang


End each week so a suitable time that you can make use of a vacation with family or colleagues, you often select a mall so a spot to gather. So no harm you attempt another exciting tour, for example outbound Malang.

By trying outbound tour of Malang there isn‘t any harm for you lho, there will be various benefits that you will get by following this activity.

Along with one‘s body so fitter, outbound activities actually useful also to train your concentration and creativity.



This activity is much more fitting related to a rollicking, along with your colleagues or family, so your relationship with these could be more closely.

Particularly with its place inside the wild outside from the hustle and bustle of urban areas, and air pollution coming from the smoke of vehicles tend to make your weekend varies than usual.

When traveling outbound Malang remember to create the camera yes, because every vacation event you deserve to become captured.

Beautiful scenery of Malang City, with lined mountains surrounding it unfortunately when it passed from shooting your camera.




In case your outbound event has ended, There‘s nothing wrong having a stop towards the Town Square of Batu Tourism and that is popular using the rows of beautiful lights along with rides game bianglala or ferris wheel.

From rides bianglala you may enjoy the view of Batu Town given by a height, what else whenever you come through the night. In fact the scenery looks more beautiful with lined city lights.
Or if you don‘t want to undertake rides bianglala, you are able to try a number of culinary that exist there for example cilok, meatballs, fresh milk, to sate. Until culinary hunted from the young at the moment the glutinous post of legend.




The value matches in pocket and flavor variants that make lots of glutinous post stick legend is extremely long, there‘s a sense of durian milk lhoo, the taste like a favorite visitor.

so coming early could be perhaps one of the steps to avoid this queue. What are you currently expecting? Immediate reservation by contacting our contacts and obtain a fun holiday and never boring with outbound Malang

We openly and gladly serve you for the unusual holiday. come immediately and invite your colleagues or family to benefit from the weekend in Outbound Malang.

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