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Clear Your Knees Easily with These Home Remedies

The ice of evolutionary evolution relates to sunlight if we use a drug that includes lemons to cleanse the knee, yes the effect may be the opposite.

For those who wear shorts, one of the most important problems is their knees tarnished, because they can even get confused because it is dirty.

What is socially expected and accepted is that the body colors are mostly uniform. In the same way, the limbs that compose it have the perfect appearance.

That’s why we’ve set up some simple home solutions that, with consistency and discipline, will help keep your knees neat. Also, if you want you can use it for elbows or other areas.
Why is your knee dark?

First, this point should be clarified. In general, the knee becomes dark for various reasons such as:

Accumulation of dead cells.
Thick skin.
Excessive scrubbing of the area.
Often exposed to sunlight without using sun block.
Rub with clothing and other rough surfaces.

As we have seen, there is nothing to worry about urgently.

This aesthetic problem is also known as knee percussion, and men and women can suffer.

In this case, the following home care will be very useful.
Home Remedies to Brighten Your Knees


Lemon juice is famous for its antiseptic properties.
What do you have to do

In this case, it is recommended to rub the area with lemon juice between 10 and 15 minutes.
Its components will clean and peel the skin. Thus, over time, the area will become less and less opaque.
Caution: It is important that the knee is not exposed to sunlight during treatment, as it can become tarnished.

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Some elements have many exfoliating and cleansing properties such as white sugar.

1 tablespoon sugar (10 g)
Little water (required)
A few hours of lemon juice (optional)

What do you have to do

Mix the ingredients well and apply a few minutes with a gentle massage in the area you want to clarify. Try it gently, because you can hurt your skin.
Let it act for another 10 minutes
Finally, you should rinse well and repeat the process for several days.

It is true that the benefits of cucumber allow the hydration of the body, while maintaining skin health. Rubbing a piece of cucumber on your knee will lighten the area.

Several pieces of cucumber

What do you have to do

Place the cucumber slices in the colored area and let them act for at least 15 minutes.
After the prescribed time, remove the remaining vegetables with clean water.
To finish, apply a moisturizer and repeat the operation for 7 days in a row.

Beauty Recipe with Rose Water

1. Rose water, potato and honey

This alternative is an effective home remedy for cleansing skin blemishes. Helps moisturize the skin, making it more flexible, while rejuvenating it.

1 medium potato
3 tablespoons of rose water (30 ml)
1 teaspoon honey (7.5 g)
The juice of ½ lemon


Put a potato in it and cut it into pieces.
Blend the potato to a puree and add the rose water, the honey and the lemon juice and mix until it forms a paste of smooth consistency.
Apply the mask on the face and let stand for 15 minutes.
Wash well with warm water.

Use this remedy once a week to get radiant, wrinkle-free skin.

2. Rose water, turmeric and sandalwood

Is your face inflamed and mistreated because of makeup and pollution? In that case, this recipe is just what you need.

Besides having an amazing aroma, it has anti-inflammatory properties that you should not miss.

3 tablespoons of rose water (30 ml)
½ teaspoon turmeric (2 g)
2 tablespoons sandalwood powder (20 g)


Mix the three ingredients in a bowl until they are perfectly integrated.
With the aid of a brush, spread the mask from the neck to the face. Natural beauty. Be sure to cover all skin perfectly.
Let stand for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water.
Apply this mask three times a week for best results.

3. Tomato juice and rose water

Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause permanent damage to the skin.

Luckily, the negative effects can be resolved thanks to the astringent and anti-inflammatory properties of this recipe.

Tomato juice helps reduce the discomfort caused by excessive exposure to the sun.

2 tablespoons of rose water (20 ml)
2 tablespoons natural tomato juice (20 ml)


Mix the tomato juice with the rose water and apply on face burnt by the sun.
You do not need to rinse and you can apply as many times as you want this remedy.

4. Rose water and mango
Looking for recipes with rose water that bring many vitamins to your skin? In that case, you should try this mask. Besides having an incredible texture, it is a good source of antioxidants and vitamin C.

This mask is ideal if your skin is very dry and you want to moisturize it without feeling greasy.

2 tablespoons of rose water (20 ml)
1 tablespoon mango pulp (10 g)


Combine both ingredients very well and apply the mixture on your neck and face.
Let stand for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water.
If the skin on your face tends to dryness you can repeat this procedure twice a week.

4 Natural Ways to Remove Hair Dye

For some people dye is a solution to achieve change in appearance, to cover the gray that appears over time or just out of curiosity.

It can be very good and looks fantastic, but not all happen in a positive way.

Shades should be selected according to the color of the skin and, in addition, we must be very careful when choosing blond colors when dark brown natural hair.

And here’s the whole process done to achieve a blond tone that tortures too much hair.

You will see patches and this will not look good at all because the same color is not achieved throughout the hair.

In addition, deleting is difficult and some people choose to paste black to completely cover it and that too.

There are some errors made when applying the dye. However, there are others who are committed long before applying them, some of which are:

Do not buy a good dye brand, so it will tarnish and fall quickly. Some cheap dyes can burn the scalp and cause itching and peeling.
Buy a single dye when you have abundant hair, because obviously it will not be enough. Natural beauty. In addition, when getting hair again could be a bad treatment as well.
Go to people who do not know how to apply dye, because it can damage the hair and even leave the area without dye.
Do not apply treatments and products to painted hair when you choose a tone like blond, reddish, purple and so on.

With the passage of time and washing, it falls and, besides this, it begins to turn orange with its coloring.

Here are some ways to remove the dye naturally so as not to embarrass him too much.

1. Mask

2 tablespoons baking soda (20 g)
4 tablespoons apple cider vinegar (40 ml)
Warm water (required)


Plastic container
Shower cap


In a bowl pour the baking soda and apple vinegar and mix thoroughly until the product gets homogeneous.
Then warm water is added, be careful not to overheat.


Apply this mixture to all hairs.
With hair should be well soaked mixture, we will do gentle massage for 3 minutes.
After these few minutes, we’ll cover our heads with a swimming cap and we’ll let it act for 30 minutes.
After the prescribed time, we will rinse hair with abundant warm water.

If we have a very dark color we can repeat the procedure 3 times a week, at most.

In addition, the portion should be increased depending on how much hair. We can not forget that if this mixture does not completely cover the hair, there will be spots, so we should avoid it.

2. Shampoo

Anti-dandruff shampoo (amount needed)
2 tablespoons baking soda (20 g)


1 glass container


Calculate the amount of shampoo you normally use for washing.
Mix with baking soda in a bowl cup until they are united.


We will rub it on the hair like a regular shampoo.
We will spread it throughout the hair, massage and leave for 5 or 10 minutes.
Finally, wash with plenty of water.

We can repeat the time it deems necessary. However, we must remember that everything that is excessive is bad, and very careful.

If we see something negative, we will suspend the application.
3. Baking soda


2 tablespoons baking soda (20 g)
1 tbsp lemon juice (10 ml)


Add both ingredients in a bowl and mix until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.
We will apply it to the hair and let it act for 5 minutes.
After the prescribed time, rinse with plenty of warm water.

4. Lemon

Lemon juice


Squeeze some lemon juice and extract as much as you can.


In the bathroom, we will wash our hair as usual.
With shampoo try to make enough foam and let stand for 5 minutes.
Then, in the shampoo, we will apply lemon juice.
Massage around the hair and scalp, and leave for 3 or 5 minutes.
Then apply conditioner to the hair and leave it for 5 minutes (if desired).
Finally, we will rinse hair with abundant warm water.

Because of its natural composition it will not have a negative effect, and this process can be repeated as many times as needed.

In addition, it would be ideal for people suffering from oily scalp, because the lemon will remove the fat completely.

The Reason You Should Take Nutritional Supplements

The Reason You Should Take Nutritional Supplements

Couple of things are as controversial as nutritional supplements have been recently. Depending on which you listen to, they truly are either the answer to any issue you’ve got or else they will be the devil incarnate. The truth about nutritional supplements, however, is really somewhere in between.

Nutritional supplements are popular now than in additional time in history. This is due to the fact that men and women have turned to nutritional supplements in order to fulfill the gaps in what they know to become unhealthy diets which do not fulfill the minimum daily requirements for many, a lot of crucial minerals and vitamins. Others have turned to natural supplements in order to increase everything from their workout regimes with their memory and mental functions.

The Reason You Should Take Nutritional Supplements

Contemplating the controversy over whether it is harmless to take nutritional dietary supplements or never, you most likely wonder just what you are able to genuinely count on from accepting supplements dietary supplements. Can they have any actual advantage?

The reality is that taking nutritional supplements in their recommended dosages is extremely useful for everybody from infants to older individuals. duurzaam gel The methods used to grow and process our meals have significantly changed drastically from the previous 100 decades. In many cases, it follows that the foodstuff itself is deficient in many basic, simple minerals and vitamins.

Add this to the simple fact that folks are so time-starved today that lots folks almost go on meals out of newspaper bags manufactures accepting nutritional supplements nearly mandatory. Taking vitamins and other nutritional supplements can be actually a excellent approach to be certain you get all of the appropriate vitamins and minerals you need each day.

However, nutritional supplements should not ever act as a stand-in for a excellent nutritional supplement. Eating at the least three (and lots of experts urge 5) well-balanced meals and also two well balanced snacks per day stays the perfect measure to make sure you’re getting all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to remain fit and strong. Adding supplements to great eating habits extends the extra mile to see that you’re getting all the nutrition that your entire body demands each day.

You will find various high-quality multivitamins available at the regional drugstores, as well as through many internet sources. The vital point to bear in mind whenever you decide to take (and you need to!) Nutritional health supplements of all kinds is always to choose them only as directed. Those directions are put to the bottles and packages for reasons–to ensure the natural vitamins and other herbal supplements have been chosen correctly.

This is very important for practically any nutrient supplement that you take to become each as secure and efficient as it needs to really be. Too significant doses of anything can trigger sideeffects you aren’t anticipating and don’t want. When you choose longer of the vitamin or nutritional supplement in relation to the manufacturer recommends you just take every day, and then you run the chance of getting significantly more than your human body can economically and safely approach in a twenty five hour time period.

Any probability of taking a lot or of undesired side effects is slight, although, for nutritional supplements whenever they’re taken as directed. Even marginally higher doses, generally in the majority of circumstances, will have unwanted effects because your kidneys will flush them from the system, which keeps your system from absorbing a lot of any 1 vitamin or vitamin. However, to be completely secure, take nutritional dietary supplements particularly as educated.

If you are still uncertain regarding if you need to have a nutritional supplement each day, request the doctor’s guidance. That is particularly true when you’re about some other prescribed medicines. It is potential for several nutritional supplements to reduce the efficacy of some prescribed medicines and to interact using them, inducing undesirable side outcomes. Yet, regardless of lots of news reports you may possibly have read, that really is rare, especially when nutritional supplements are accepted as directed.

Functioning precisely, nutritional supplements really are an exceptional means to ensure your body gets all it needs to become nutritious. Just remember to utilize them to complement, not replacement for, a superior healthier dietplan.

Tips On Choosing Vitamins are the absolute most common diet nutritional supplement

Tips On Choosing Vitamins are the absolute most common diet nutritional supplement

In today’s very speedy paced world we do not consume a acceptable diet all of the moment. Whenever you conduce a busy life and do not acquire sufficient vitamins for your body to function precisely afterward you definitely ought to be compensating with natural vitamin supplements.

Still, a superb diet based on foods with high density of vitamins is obviously a better choice than supplements. But if a diet isn’t plenty, dietary supplement vitamin is the solution.

Vitamins are the absolute most common diet nutritional supplements; they truly are essential by your human body to get essential metabolic responses. Distinct natural vitamins have various uses and could have a number of functions and reactions. There are thirteen human sugars split in to two groups: both the nine water-soluble vitamins (8 B vitamins and vitamin C) and the 4 fat-soluble nutritional vitamins (A, D, E, and K).

Our anatomies demand fantastic nutrition as a way to function effectively. Our anatomies demand sufficient essential vitamins to habitually make it through the day and together with all our daily food ingestion not only supplying every one of these vital nourishment that the demand to get a vitamin nutritional supplement has never become more eminent. klik

Tips On Choosing Vitamins are the absolute most common diet nutritional supplement

To consider less complicated you will find now a many of multi vitamin health supplements made for particular folks. For example, there are multi vitamin vitamin supplements that are planned for kids. These multi nutritional vitamin supplements carries the specific nutritional elements which kids need for them to grow and build up properly. Women that are pregnant have unique nutritional prerequisites to ensure that their child experiences the critical nourishment and now there are multi vitamin supplements prepared for pregnant women.

Even though you might be on a healthy diet, then you should still make sure that you have the proper vitamins and supplements as well. Supplements can help the body receive the vitamins and minerals that it requires, especially on days that you simply aren’t able to consume exactly what you should. Life may get hectic sometimes, and that’s where supplements can really be convenient.

It is substantial to examine the contents of any multipurpose vitamin supplement before swallowing too much. Some vitamins may be detrimental if too much can be assimilated and also this can occur more easily with multi nutritional vitamins as a lot of the content may be overlooked. The labeling of the true proportion of the recommended daily allowance for each vitamin at a multi vitamin supplement ought to be clearly tagged and has to be evaluated prior to a person takes them. Always find professional health information before choosing any multi vitamin supplement in case there’s a doubt as to the benefits of the contents.

You should also refrain from acquiring supplements supplements that contain additives such as sugar, starch, gluten, silica, and synthetic flavors or colours. Supplements from GMP-compliant producers are liberated of such additives.

Nutritional dietary supplements refers to a variety of products

Nutritional dietary supplements refers to a variety of productsNutritional dietary supplements refers to a variety of products Nutritional dietary supplements refers to a variety of products that are intended to enhance your wellnessand improve athletic performance, or otherwise influence your own physical or psychological wellbeing. These may include vitamins, sports supplementsand weight reduction services and products, teas, herbs, along with anti oxidants. Nutritional dietary supplements can be seen in virtually all health foods shops and lots of conventional stores also.

Throughout background, nutritional supplements are employed to treat a wide range of health conditions and to improve health. Many conventional drugs come from what may be contemplated dietary supplements. Perhaps among the absolute most common types of supplements supplement is that the nutritional supplement. Lots of individuals take multi-vitamins, jual duurzaam gel and doctors usually recommend this type of usage. Some vitamins might be risky when obtained in excess, however, therefore an awareness of the security of this sort of minerals is vital. An excess of Vitamin A, say, may result in liver injury and other unpleasant side consequences. Talk to a physician before taking any nutritional supplements.

Other favorite supplements are employed in sports, even by which they are used to improve speed and performance healing. Some supplements used for these purposes cause debate concerning potency, and also some are hauled out of the shelves. Ephedrine is one recent case. Found in lots of fat loss products, ephedrine triggered acute heart issues because of some customers and it is presently a regulated substance. Creatine is just another supplement of possible not known side outcomes. A few men and women claim that it causes liver injury, while others say that it is safe when applied appropriately.

Among the absolute most crucial things to know about nutritional health supplements is that they aren’t governed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). That is the reason lots of product claims on packaging labels and advertisements substances incorporate the material, “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration” or some thing similar. Because nutritional supplements aren’t regulated, both the manufacturing, processing, and packaging processes may vary a great deal from one product to another. When using nutritional supplements, make certain to research the company and select a trustworthy provider. The security of nutritional supplements might even be not known due to the dearth of regulation. Again, more mindful buying is imperative.

Many manufacturers and people of supplements assert that they are safe as they’re natural or made from “all natural” elements. Although this might appear like a logical claim, shoppers should make use of their very best judgment when considering the usage of supplements. Many compounds found in nature are not safe, and also have been in fact toxic, poisonous, and possibly mortal. Afterall, poison-ivy is “all natural,” nevertheless, you likely wont want to rub it all over your skin, even if a excellent earnings page tried to convince you that it is the the optimal/optimally moisturizer around.

Some supplements supplements can be of good use and support your wellness. Just just like with any consumable, attentive shopping and research is critical for your good well-being. If your claim looks too fantastic to be true, it very likely is. Know about product concessions and use good judgment before getting and using any nutritional supplements. Purchase health supplements from a reputable company and manufacturer, also if in doubt, consult a physician prior to beginning a supplement regular.

Vegan Diet Research-Results Have Shown Decrease In Heart Disease

Vegan Diet Research-Results Have Shown Decrease In Heart DiseaseVegan Diet Research-Results Have Shown Decrease In Heart Disease Vegan diet research has quite a thing to do. It is only very tough to measure the outcomes of exactly what people try to eat and what influence, if any, it has on the general wellbeing. Additionally, there are simply too many factors that may influence the outcome and alter the human findings. Nevertheless though, there does look like any evidence that a vegan, or vegetarian diet plan can help reduce or eradicate high cholesterol and possibly even some cardiovascular disorder.

Perhaps not everyone who makes the decision to develop into a vegetarian or vegetarian does it to health factors. You will find many men and women who think that eating beef is wrong. They may believe it’s wrong because of the deplorable circumstances the animals are raised in, or the inhumane manner they are now slaughtered. They can have a problem using the compounds which can be injected in to the livestock and chickens to aid them grow larger.

Still others have a issue with that which they view since the utter waste of resources and land that go into taking care of and raising several of those animals. Simply take cattle, for example, they might need large amounts of property to graze on. They also are nourish grains that must definitely be increased on tens of thousands of acres of land. Then there’s the total amount of drinking water needed perhaps not only for the animals but to help develop the grain too. It has really a good deal of resources going to a relatively compact amount of foodstuff.

Instead of you can find people who opt to develop into a vegetarian or vegetarian because chiefly for health reasons. They still can care for one or both of the above mentioned issues, however for most them the driving force are the medical considerations.

They might desire to drop weight more rapidly, or else they might need to lower their cholesterol ranges. Vegan diet plan research has indicated that the two of the ideas are possible using a vegan diet lifestyle. Some study has proven that vegans are somewhat less inclined to come up with cardiovascular disease, almost 50 percent not as inclined as a matter of fact.

Other research have concluded that those who avoid a meat and dairy based diet regime are much less likely to become fat. Since meat tends to be higher in saturated fat and cholesterol, so all these findings really are scarcely surprising. Some modern studies appear to indicate that children who tend to eat their vegetables on a normal basis will already have increased IQ scores and may likewise be taller! Guess mother was right, eating your vegetables will be wise.

While I am not just a doctor and I can’t vouch for the validity of any of the vegetarian diet study for me personally it just sounds like common sense. If you eat foods with less saturated fat and cholesterol, then you’re just not as likely to own heart linked disorders and high cholesterol. Personally, I don’t see much harm in eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. At the minimal you might be cutting on some calories and fat from your diet, what exactly is the worst which may occur… you may even drop any pounds!

Green Tea to Dry Pimples

Green tea to dry out your acne.

In addition to having a variety of health benefits, green tea is already known, recent research shows that this is also good as a natural remedy for acne.

Green tea is an antibacterial and natural substance that is also as effective as benzoyl peroxide that works against acne. Another advantage of green tea is that, unlike benzoyl peroxide, green tea does not make skin dry.

Why Green Tea Works Against Acne


Green tea is rich in polyphenols and EGCG antioxidants. This substance makes green tea can attract toxins to the surface, reduce inflammation and neutralize acne-causing bacteria. In addition, the astringent nature of green tea can help reduce excessive fat production preventing the formation of acne and pimples and the drying of existing acne.

Recipe with green tea to fight acne

To make anti acne lotion with green tea, insert four cups of hot water, three sachets of green tea. Leave on for 20 minutes. It is applied throughout the affected area with cotton wool or with a spray bottle. This lotion can also be used as toning and antioxidant lotion for all skin types. Antioxidants in green tea fight free radicals that cause wrinkles and age spots.

Alternative utilization of other green tea is by steam bath using green tea. Put some sachets into a small saucepan with boiling water and place the face that covers the head with a cloth so that up to a pile of tea. Do not close your face too close to avoid burning.

Let the vaporette penetrate the skin. This medicine is also good for blackheads.

If you want to fight acne from the inside, green tea can also be used. So you can drink a cup of green tea every day and to make the most of it, you can put a green tea bag into your face in a circular motion.

Green tea and apple cider vinegar

You can also mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a cup of green tea to create a super strong lotion against acne. Apple cider vinegar is also great for getting rid of acne and acne blemishes as well as helping to balance the pH in the skin, something important to keep your skin healthy.

This lotion should be worn several times a week or once a week if you have dry or sensitive skin.

Get your clear face without pimples


Recommended Diet Against Acne

Recommended diet against acne

Although most teenagers are the ones who suffer most acne, in fact these skin problems also affect adults.

Whether because of stress or hormonal imbalance, acne is something he does not like but can be overcome by having the diligence and discipline to attack him and prevent future outbreaks.

Food is also much related to skin health. A diet rich in saturated or hydrogenated (trans) fats aggravates acne.

Eliminating junk food, fine flour, cola and candy from your food list can help reduce the appearance of acne and pimples. Natural beauty. Food junk food is as we know it can not only cause acne problems, but also can cause other health problems such as obesity.

If you often drink milk and suffer from acne you may need to restrict dairy products. You may have some allergies to milk and manifest in acne outbreaks. Or at least limit the amount of milk consumption each day.

On the other hand it is advisable to include green or orange vegetables into your food. This food is rich in beta carotene, a nutrient that helps maintain healthy skin and improve it.

Adding two tablespoons of flaxseed to cereal is another great choice. Flaxseed has a high fiber content that helps in elimination. In addition linseed contains Omega 3 fatty acids that serve as anti-inflammatory. This should be accompanied by 8 ounces of water.

Foods that raise blood sugar levels, such as white bread, cakes, and sodas make the pancreas have to produce more insulin in its effort to regulate blood sugar levels.

Insulin in turn sends signals to the sebaceous glands to produce and secrete an oily substance called sebum, which in large quantities causes P. acnes bacteria to multiply and mask the hair follicles.

Antioxidant foods such as cherries, berries, green tea and spinach attack free radicals in the body that cause skin breakdown and breakouts.

Eating a handful of berries or spinach salad is a delicious way to add antioxidants to your daily dietary routine.

Another good food for skin health is

Nuts and seeds such as almonds and pumpkin seeds. It contains vitamin E and essential acids that are very good for the skin.
Good quality proteins like cold water fish, eggs, lentils and nuts. If you eat meat, choose those that have not been treated with hormones or antibiotics.
Take one cup of water every two hours so that the body can eliminate the toxins that cause acne.

Home and Natural Astringents

The astringents give vigor to the skin, renew it, help to reduce the pores, reduce the fat of the face and hide the tired aspect of the skin.
Home Astringent Recipes
Astringent of apple juice

Mix 1/4 cup pure and unsweetened apple juice, 2 tablespoons vodka and 2 tablespoons witch hazel water. If you do not want to use vodka, you can use 4 tablespoons of witch hazel (witch hazel, water wonder). Stir the ingredients well and apply with a cotton ball. Store in a tightly closed container.
Salvia lotion

Sage also has astringent and antiseptic properties. Apply salvia infusion to the skin using a cotton swab.
Lemon astringent

Lemon is the best astringent. Mix the juice of 1/2 lemon with a little water. Apply with cotton and leave on for 30 minutes. Wash your face with cold water. Natural beauty. This lotion can also be used by men after shaving as it protects the skin and disinfects the complexion. Do not expose yourself to the sun after using this lotion, the lemon with the sun can stain the skin.

Witch hazel or water wonder

Known in English as “witch hazel”. It is an excellent natural astringent. Apply with a cotton ball.
Apple Cider Astringent

Mix equal parts of water and apple cider to make your own homemade astringent. Wash your face in the morning and at night using this mixture.
Cucumber as natural astringent

Cucumber is another excellent natural astringent. In addition it is very beneficial for the health of the skin. Simply cut a very cold cucumber from the fridge into slices and put it on your face. Lie down and relax.
Lemon Essential Oil

Dilute one drop of lemon essential oil in 2 ounces of water. Apply with a cotton ball. Do not expose to the sun for six hours after using this remedy.
Tea made from raspberry leaves

In addition to its feminine health benefits, raspberry tea also acts as a natural astringent and helps to firm tissues.

Peach astringent (peach)

Cut a slice of fresh peach and rub your face. Leave the juice for 20 minutes and wash with warm water. This natural astringent will help keep the skin firm.
Astringent lotion of vinegar, water and aspirin

Mix 1/8 cup of vinegar, hot water and an aspirin pill. Wet your face with the lotion and let it dry.
Astringent of papaya

Papaya is not only a very gentle natural scrub, it also helps to renew the skin. To make a natural papaya astringent we will need the following ingredients:
– 1 slice of mashed papaya
– 1 tablespoon of rose water
– 1 teaspoon of honey

To prepare it, mix all the ingredients well. It is stored in the refrigerator. To apply it is applied with the fingers and allowed to act five minutes. It is applied in the morning and at night. Wash with warm water.

In addition to papaya, honey and rose water are also very beneficial ingredients for the skin. Honey is a natural moisturizer and rose water has been used for many years to slow the aging process of the skin.