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How Does Your mental, bodily and spiritual fitness have an effect on Your Relationships?

How Does Your mental, bodily and spiritual fitness have an effect on Your Relationships?Your physical health’s gist on your relationships with your spouse and pals: Suppressing your physical health, From my perspective, the most important point portion altering our relationships with our loved ones is our physical health. Our physical health affects our mental health issues and our spiritual health. Our physical health is determined by our life style. This involves our daily diet and our daily activity or the shortcoming there of. If we don’t have honourable thoughts and self-discipline, our physical health will suffer dramatically. If we don’t live a healthful life style, then we are going to age rapidly with poor health physically and psychologically. We have to maintain a healthful person and imagination in order to be happy and our gaiety specifies how well we relate to our loved ones .

Our body speaks to us 24/7, 365 eras a year and the problem is that we don’t listen. If “youre feeling” an aching, detect sluggish, detect shortcoming of energy and if you are a little heavier than you would like to be, don’t neglect what your person is speaking to you. Get off your back and do anything about it. Our outlook in life is more positive and more God like when we are feeling good. As we become more negative about life because of our physical health, we become less God like .

Your mental health’s gists on your relationships with your spouse and pals: Suppressing your mental health issues

It is a snowball effect in that our physical health affects our mental health issues, which in turns affects our spiritual health. All of this has an effect on our relationship with our loved ones. If “were about” feeling good about ourselves, then we are going to be more attending and compassionate with our spouses, family and friends. Aside from personal and employment issues, our mental condition is closely related to our physical nation. So, it benefits us to make every effort to stay healthful physically and psychologically. Our physical and mental health will help us batch better with any stressful situation that may arise from our daily interactions. Prevent in imagination that time is not on your side because if you are postponing as to when you are going to start some flesh of effort and make changes in your life style, you are kidding yourself. The longer you put off going your person and imagination in shape, the worse your situation is going to get. The healthier you are mentally, the healthier you will be in your daily interactions .

Your spiritual health’s gist on your relationships with your spouse and pals: Suppressing your spiritual health

For the ardour of God, anyone who is predicting such articles, if you are active physically, mentally and spiritually, please continue to do so and if you are not active physically and psychologically, do yourself a kindnes and be more active because you don’t want to die a slow extinction physically and psychologically in your golden years. Do this for yourself and for your loved ones. The consummation of your physical and mental health is your spiritual health. This God-like cognitive state is what allows you to live a wonderful life. A life that is full of ardour, attending and tendernes is a spiritual life. This is what Jesus teaching was all about. It is the feeling of enjoying life, respecting life, discussing everyone and every living being with admiration that originates us a spiritual being in the likeness of our developer. It originates no difference whether you attend a house of prayer on a weekly basis or not as long as you reflect/ pray in your secret place( the country within) and save a constant rapport with God in your own nature. Your spiritual health will determine the health of your relationship with your spouse, young children, your best friend and your community .

Effects of Malnutrition During Pregnancy

Berat Badan Bayi – All of us need a balanced amount of vitamins for the right functioning of the frame system. However, the nutrition requirement varies with recognize to age and gender. And pregnancy is the sort of essential segment in a woman’s existence, when the looking forward to mother desires optimum nutrients of superior characteristics to guide the growing fetus. Naturally, the urge to eat greater is skilled via almost all pregnant ladies. However, one should be aware about what would take place if there may be a loss of nutrients inside the gestation period and the outcomes of malnutrition for the duration of this phase. It is quite apparent that it’d negatively affect the fitness of each the mom and the child.

Malnutrition and Pregnancy

Malnutrition is defined as the dearth of enough vitamins, which can be essential for the body’s everyday functioning. Over time, it influences the physical organs and consequences in slight to intense scientific problems. One of the malnutrition statistics is that the variety of hungry people is extra inside the developing countries. Consequently, the prevalence price of malnutrition for the duration of pregnancy is higher in the international locations of Asia and Africa. As per scientific statistics, pregnant ladies, lactating women, and kids underneath 3 years are more liable to malnutrition consequences than others.

From the instant that a lady conceives, she holds the obligation of following a healthful food regimen in huge portions to aid the boom of an entire existence interior her womb. An watching for mom should remember the fact that her daily nutrition is not simplest important for her fitness, but it is vital for retaining good health of her toddler for the entire existence. Taking this into attention, malnutrition at some stage in this phase is a main reason for poor being pregnant effects.


If a pregnant female is malnourished, it’s far understandable that the child in the mom’s womb isn’t always receiving enough vitamins. In different words, the nutrients and hint minerals essential for developing an entire lifestyles aren’t furnished in sufficient amounts. As a consequence, the toddler will exhibit terrible boom price and low weight. The fashionable effects of malnutrition at the body are weak immune system, extra threat to illnesses, low stamina degree, and lesser height.

Some outcomes of malnutrition while pregnant are carried by way of the kid during his/her whole life. Say for example, a malnourished child is vulnerable to infections not handiest in the early levels of increase, but also within the maturity stages of lifestyles. Also, it’s miles claimed that cognitive impairment and low IQ are without delay connected to malnutrition signs and symptoms, especially in the course of pregnancy and infancy period.

Pregnant ladies who’ve been through malnutrition, deliver toddlers with low-birth weight. Such children are liable to retarded boom, much less coordination, bad vision, gaining knowledge of problem, and many different diseases. Anemia is one of the malnutrition diseases that influences several pregnant girls worldwide. It increases the danger for mortality of mother and infant at childbirth. Other serious outcomes are premature shipping, obstructed hard work, postpartum hemorrhage, and birth defects.

The consequences of malnutrition on baby development are attributed to lack of nutrients for the duration of pregnancy and also, for the duration of lactating duration. In both the tiers, consuming a nicely-deliberate pregnancy weight loss program and food regimen for breastfeeding mom is essential for the child’s fitness. Indeed, the health and properly-being of an individual could in large part depend on the vitamins provided inside the 3 stages, viz., gestation, lactation, and early childhood.

In order to minimize those effects, a woman making plans for thought ought to expand appropriate consuming habits and dietary changes. Staying in shape before being pregnant is also vital, because the developing fetus relies upon at the mother’s saved vitamins for fast increase throughout the preliminary months. Consulting a vitamins professional is a practical method to apprehend the dietary requirements for the foremost fitness of each the mom and the infant.

Aren’t Salads Healthy?



So you decided to consume a salad for lunch today. That is most definitely an excellent renovation from the traditional dual bacon cheeseburger, french fries, and soft drink combo that several opt to get as a lunch option. Nevertheless prior to you get also delighted regarding this healthy decision, allow’s take a closer take a look at exactly what usually happens when folks believe they’re eating healthy and balanced.

Numerous assume that if they consume a salad for one meal, they can proudly declare at the end of that day they consumed healthy and balanced, but that could be far from the reality. Often “bonus” are typically added with this healthy and balanced alternative and that’s when the downward spiral begins.

Using the salad as an instance, it’s not unusual to have people include double meat or cheese, additional croutons, not to mention selecting the unhealthiest of dressings such as Caesar or Cattle ranch and placing far excessive of it on the salad. Did you know that just 4 tablespoons of Caesar clothing has a whopping 300 calories? Greater than this amount is typically made use of and is the major factor just how a salad could often end up with a large calorie total.

Recognize this the following time you’re immediately believing aren’t salads healthy and also hopefully you’ll keep it absolutely as a nourishing choice.

One more concern that often takes place when a person eats a well balanced meal such as a salad is given that they are under the perception they are consuming healthy and balanced, they feel as though a benefit has actually been earned as well as usually will spend lavishly on something gluttonous like a gigantic ice cream sundae or big glass of soda along with a bowl of potato chips.

Greet to an additional 1,000+ calories right there keeping that one snacking incentive! That’s how fast overindulging can take place and why over and over again individuals fall short in their efforts to slim down.

If you truly want to have success with the fat burning procedure, naturally you should eliminate all the sweet drinks and processed food that might be cluttered throughout your cooking area, yet you need to additionally strive to end every day with a proper calorie total.

Get rid of the concept of rewarding yourself with some type of “treat” even if you consumed a well balanced meal or did some exercise. You are not a dog that needs treats for doing something you need to be doing for your health anyways.

If you feel the have to provide on your own a reward for good actions make it a monetary one, not something edible. An incentive jar you continue top of your dresser is an excellent inspirational tool you can make use of. At the end of an entire day of healthy and balanced nourishment (including your snacks as well as beverages) you could place in a $1 or $2 depending on exactly what you make a decision is ideal.

After Thirty Day you could potentially make $30-$60 or after six months $180-$360! Now envision exactly what you could treat yourself to keeping that type of reward? Much better compared to the regular edible reward most folks like to offer themselves after consuming a well balanced meal or more.

Do not take two steps forward just to take 2 steps back. That will not do anything advantageous for your weight reduction objective other than reason you to end up being annoyed and also possibly quit completely. With any luck you remember this the following time you’re assuming typically aren’t salads healthy and balanced so your initiatives typically aren’t nullified by the bonus additionaled, or the various other treats you feel you have actually earned later on.

Common Symptoms of Early Pregnancy!

Many girls who are or desire to grow to be pregnant, need to recognise about the signs and symptoms of being pregnant in particular within the early component, so they realize what they must count on from their body inside the pregnant nation. Moreover, having the understanding of signs of being pregnant will save you any tension related to noticing new signs and getting stressed whether it is a traditional feature of being pregnant or it’s miles due to a few sickness. So right here are some commonplace signs of early pregnancy:

1. Cessation of menses

Also called as amenorrhea, is produced by using extended stage of estrogen and progesterone hormones as a result of idea. Therefore it’s miles a completely reliable indicator of being pregnant in women who generally have regular menstrual cycles. In those women who’ve irregular cycles, it is no longer a reliable indicator. Menses will also be not on time in case of emotional disturbances, chronic sicknesses, some medicines, some hormonal disorders and positive tumors of genitourinary tract.

In some ladies, recognizing may occur because of bleeding on the implantation website online inside the uterus from about six days after fertilization to 35 days after the closing menstrual length. Strangely, some women experience cyclic bleeding during their pregnancy which can not be defined.

2. Nausea and Vomiting

In 50 percentage of the pregnant women, this symptom takes place and is more outstanding at round 2 to 12 weeks of gestation. It is normally extra intense in the morning (consequently referred to as ‘morning sickness’) however may arise at any time of the day. It may be prompted by way of cooking odors and different pungent smells. In case of dual being pregnant and molar pregnancy, it is more excessive. Prolonged vomiting can purpose dehydration requiring hospitalization and proper scientific remedy of vomiting.

These signs can be managed with small frequent ingredients which can be mild and dry. There is a few position of excessive dose nutrition B6 therapy. These symptoms are resulting from high level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone.

Three. Changes in Breasts

An critical symptom is breast tenderness or mastodynia which can be within the form of mild tingling to frank pain. The cause of this is the high stage of hormones performing at the mammary glands with resultant venous prominence and engorgement of the breasts.

It may be notable to recognise that there are a few ‘secondary’ breasts also found in a few women, like in the armpit. These hidden breasts may also amplify. This may also for example, produce a sense of lump in the armpit.

Enlargement of the glands around the nipple additionally called as Bernard Law Montgomery’s tubercles usually takes area around 6-eight weeks of gestation and once more is due to hormonal stimulation. Colostrum secretion may also begin after gestation of 16 weeks.

Four. Quickening

The perception of movement of the fetus is called quickening. This takes place round 18-20 weeks within the first being pregnant and round 14-sixteen weeks in 2d or later pregnancy. Movement of the bowels may be stressed with quickening; consequently notion of fetal movement on my own isn’t a reliable symptom of pregnancy.

Five. Urinary Tract

Because of increased move of urinary bladder and pressure from the enlarging uterus there is bladder irritability ensuing into accelerated frequency of urination, even at night.

The above signs occur in pregnant women with numerous stages due to character variant of anatomical, physiological and hormonal profile. These symptoms are skilled more in the first being pregnant. It is a widespread observation that if you understand and expect these signs and symptoms, you’re less possibly to go through and more likely to experience your being pregnant. Read : Perkembangan Janin

Anemia in pregnancy!

Anemia is a clinical situation which takes place while someone is observed with a deficiency of the pink blood cells. Though people of all ages may be recognized with anemia, pregnant ladies are extra susceptible to it. Due to occurrence of anemia in being pregnant, the fetus won’t receive sufficient blood, which includes vitamins, hormones, electrolytes, and so on., for it to increase. This might also bring about low start weight, bad fetal boom, and birth of the infant earlier than final touch of the real time period.

The maximum not unusual purpose of anemia is because of iron deficiency. Iron deficiency anemia is usually caused over the last 3 months of pregnancy. During this era, the baby calls for the purple blood cells from the mother’s blood for development. Women who do no longer eat good enough amounts of meals that comprise iron to regain the misplaced purple blood cells end up anaemic. Deficiency of folic acid is likewise any other purpose for anemia. Folic acid or folate is a diet B vital for having a healthy child. Researchers have determined that intake of foods containing folic acid at some point of pregnancy can lower the probabilities of the child to have mind and spinal twine defects.

Anemia also can arise because of lack of blood during childbirth and after transport. Anemia in pregnant women is diagnosed while the haemoglobin or hematocrit stage of blood is discovered to be very low all through recurring blood exams. The treatment for anemia in pregnancy might depend upon character to man or woman. The medicines or remedy measures given to the pregnant ladies is decided after looking at their clinical history and fitness at some point of pregnancy. Most probably, pregnant girls diagnosed with anemia are probably to receive iron and Vitamin B12 supplements. However, those must be taken only two times an afternoon because an excessive amount of of iron dietary supplements can purpose positive side consequences like constipation. Sometimes, the frame may not be capable of take in iron and so pregnant ladies may be given intra-muscular iron injections.’

Deficiency of folic acid is likewise another purpose for anemia throughout being pregnant. Folic acid or folate is a diet B necessary for having a healthful child. Researchers have located that consumption of foods containing folic acid for the duration of can decrease the possibilities of the infant to have brain and spinal cord defects.

Another motive of anemia in being pregnant is loss of nutrition B12 in the frame. This nutrition is extraordinarily important for the formation of purple blood cells and protein synthesis. This deficiency is most probably to be visible in girls who are vegetarians. Some pregnant women can also revel in gastrointestinal bleeding or bleeding hemorrhoids main to excess loss of blood. Anemia can also arise due to loss of blood at some stage in childbirth and after transport.

Women having anemia all through being pregnant may experience certain symptoms when the pink blood rely goes too low. Some of the symptoms and symptoms of anemia consist of-
1)Extreme tiredness or fatigue
2)Difficulty in breathing
3)Feeling dizzy (vertigo)
4)Paleness at the lips, nails, skin, hands, and many others.
6)numb or bloodless palms and ft

Benefits of Apples for Face Masks

Apples are known as the fruit is rich in benefits and efficacy. This has been evidenced by the many trials conducted by both the medical world or the per-person. Apple health benefits such as treating gallstones , but there are still other benefits in addition to health, the benefits of apples for beauty, we will explain on this occasion.

The benefits of apples for the beauty of the face can be obtained by making a face mask. Thus, the benefits of apples for a face mask is soft can make the face become clean and beautiful.

Apples contain vitamin A, vitamin C, B komple, and contains also anti-oxidants that are beneficial to skin health that prevents the skin from damage caused by various external effects such as pollution. Apple mask also contains glycolic acid which will accelerate the process of regeneration of the skin, so skin always looks beautiful and naturally healthy.

Benefits of Apples for Face Masks

Benefits of Apples For Face Masks

1. Eliminate Acne
Eliminate Acne not only be done by using a mask yam , but also can use a mask apples. Oily face susceptible to acne and you have to cope with apple extract, way is to make an apple mask applied on the face, wait a minute and rinse clean.

2. Eliminate wrinkles
Benefits of apples as a mask hereinafter that overcome the wrinkles on the face. Wrinkles on the face are a result of aging or skin oxidation. These signs of aging can dihlangkan course with frequently use apple mask.

How to make a mask of apples for this problem that is by blending apples until smooth and mix with egg white, then both natural ingredients evenly mixed and applied on the face. Wait until dry and rinse with warm water and cold water.

3. Eliminate the black spots
Black spots or dark spots on the face is another enemy of beauty. For those of you who are dealing with the problem of black spots or black spots on the face, you can use apple mask. How to make apple mask is by crushing apples and kemdian apply it on the face evenly. Do it regularly up to 3 times a week for a good result for your face.

4. Eliminate eye circles
Circles blackened eye or often called a panda eyes is aefek ugliness of a person’s health, it could have happened because of lack of sleep or due to other health problems. You can reduce black spots on the eyes or even eliminate it altogether, using slices of apples such as the use cucumber slices, too.

5. Clean the pores
benefits of apples next mask like that as a natural ingredient in cleaning the pores. Absolute facial pores cleaned for good health and beauty. Because facial oils often make pores and make the face terjebat dirt in the pores. This will result in acne and dull face.

Troubleshoot face is dull and blotchy face by cleaning the pores naturally. Clean pore-porio face with a mask of apples. You can make apple juice or apple in a blender, then add a little sugar and gently massage your face with this natural mask.

6. Brighten face
face is dull and dirty can be cleaned by using a mask of apples. The usual way is to blend the apples and mix with lemon thoroughly. Later this herb is applied on the face thoroughly and let sit until dry, or about 30 minutes and rinse with less clean.

Thus the benefits of apples for a face mask . Apel was not only useful as a healthy fruit is consumed directly, but also beneficial to the body beauty matters. To obtain maximum results, so always use a mask regularly and regular apple.

Behind Benefits, Turns It Danger Drinking Coffee for Health

Coffee was able to eliminate sleepiness, but in addition to having a variety of benefits, you also have to know that coffee can also be harmful to health drinks. Yes, the coffee can be very dangerous to health if taken in excess, because coffee can also increase the levels of stress hormones in the body and lead to addictions to caffeine. In addition, the following four health problems will you face if its frequency of drinking coffee.

1. Drinking coffee increases the risk of stroke. A study published in the Journal of Neurology, and Psychiatry 2002 Neurosurgry explain that drinking more than five cups of coffee per day can increase the risk of damage to the blood vessel wall.

2. Caffeine in coffee can also cause insomnia, nervousness, headache, feeling tense and very easy to get angry.

3. coffee or caffeine-containing foods is not recommended for pregnant women. Because caffeine can increase heart rate. In the fetus can affect the placenta and into the fetal blood circulation.

4. The coffee decaffeinated or caffeine-free coffee can also cause harmful effects to the health of the heart. The coffee is known to increase the levels of certain cholesterol in the blood because decaffeinated coffee made from beans with very high fat content.

Lime Plant

lime plant is a plant species most widely planted of people around their home page. Lime planting process is not too difficult to do, requiring only the planting site moist, that was to be used as the planting of lime.

Fruits are produced will be very useful for everyday life. Not only that, the fruit of lime can also be sold at a price which is quite expensive. Lime fruit usually much utilized as a fishy odor remover in meat and can also be used as a complementary seasonings in cooking.

12 Benefits Of Kaffir Lime Leaves

In addition, lime citrus fruit and leaves can also be processed if the essential oil. Essential oils are derived from lime plant has many uses.

In addition can be made as an air freshener, essential oils derived from plants lime can also be used as an antibacterial in a number of crops.

12 Benefits Of Kaffir Lime Leaves

For lime fruit is not allowed for in the meal like oranges in general. If the meal, lime citrus fruit will feel sticky on the tongue and of course taste that caused uneasy. Thus the fruit of lime is only utilized as a culinary spice supplement only.

In making essential oils, should be used lime leaves to produce oil in good quality and have a clear color. Not only produce oil colors are clear, the leaves of kaffir lime will also produce the fragrant smell of the essential oil.

The fragrant smell usually much utilized as an air freshener. Room fragrances derived from essential oils of lime this, certainly poses no danger to human health.

After lime leaves the process into essential oils, and then further distilled essential oil in return. This distillation will usually be used as flour, is certainly derived from basic ingredients kaffir lime leaves.

Flour Oil and lime leaves Purut

For this essential oil menepungkan must use the correct way in order to get the results as you wish.

To menepungkan essential oils are typically using a spray dryer dryer. If the essential oil has been dried, the next step is to perform drying naturally.

If the flour is not smooth, then we have to grind it manually to make it look even better. Make essential oils into this flour is very useful for everyone, because the essential oils in this tepungkan will avoid dryness and essential oils in this tepungkan can also last much longer alias no expiration ..


So safe when in use at this saja.Nah kasiat benefits and kaffir lime leaves that have a lot of kasiat and benefits that we can take as the title above  12 Kaffir Lime Leaves Benefits may be useful and beneficial … regards ..

Yoga Central – Legs Up The Wall Pose

This is actually the latest article within our yoga central series now we are searching in a pose referred to as Legs in the wall Pose or deep lake pose. We’ll take a look at how you can correctly perform pose, the advantages you will get from this and anything you need to consider prior to starting. Please browse the entire article prior to trying the pose.

Yoga Central - Legs Up The Wall Pose
How to handle the Pose

We’ve come up with instructions regarding how to perform pose properly however you will find also numerous modifications that you can do to help make the pose simpler in addition to much deeper. These modifications is going to be found reduced the content.

1. Begin the pose by putting two folded blankets on the top of one another in regards to a feet from the wall. If you do not have blankets use a handful of pillows.

2. Sit sideways around the blankets and swing your legs around to ensure that they’re in the wall and lie go back over the blankets. You need to position yourself to ensure that your sit bones are gone the advantage from the blanket as well as your sacrum is fully supported.

3. Be sure that your legs are straight and employ a watch mask to improve the comfort. Position your arms straight out of the shoulders and shut your vision.

4. Take the focus on your breathing, specifically in your stomach and employ this pose to create an in-depth sense of relaxation inside your stomach. Let your stomach to permeate the rear body and permit the back to unwind completely in to the blankets.

5. Stay in it for two to three minutes ongoing to pay attention to your breathing. To leave the pose slide the blankets from beneath your back and roll onto your side in the future up right into a sitting position.

Tips and Safeguards

If you think discomfort inside your back when undertaking this pose, move the body back to ensure that your sit bones are fully based on the blankets. Should you still feel discomfort then remove one blanket.

For those who have difficulty styling your legs then slowly move the blankets farther away from the wall before you can straighten your legs. You legs will also have tired carrying this out pose so that you can lessen the difficulty by bending your legs, getting the soles of the ft together and sliding your legs lower the wall. This can be done in case your legs get tired in the middle of or you have difficulties and discomfort keeping the legs straight.

Benefits and concentrate

You will find a lot of advantages to this pose and most of them overlap with individuals familiar with more difficult inverted poses. The primary regions of focus would be the abdomen and back using the goal of causing an in-depth sense of relaxation. These feelings of relaxation can sort out many different conditions including stress, anxiety and insomnia. It may also assist with reducing tension and stress inside your shoulders which may be advantageous for conditions like head aches. This really is mainly because of the truth that head aches could be triggered by tension within the shoulders. This is often a great pose to practise before going to sleep and may really encourage an in-depth a peaceful sleep.

How To Choose Strong Instant Herbal Men Without Side Effects

How to choose a powerful man of instant herbal medicine with no harmful side effects or are herbs that are in high demand by men. For now, we know that many powerful pharmaceutical products grow like mushrooms everywhere. This could of course meet you in stores – shops, markets, or by line, so far, a powerful drug might also have met in street vendors. But in fact this powerful drug that often contain a lot of dangerous chemicals exchanged and of course also very dangerous side effects like cancer, tumors, blindness, stroke, and of course many others. For those of you who want to buy and want to pick herbs for strong men instantly without side effects you need to consider several things that can definitely put you at risk if it is consumed later.

For those of you who want to buy a powerful herbal instant herbal without side effects, you need to consider several things like the danger of strong Phytotherapy. If you are buying powerful herbs have to consider the composition is in it, whether the content is in materials containing herbs – dangerous or not. If you want to buy a strong herbal base, you need to buy a strong herbal composition of natural herbal materials because the material – a material based on natural ingredients, generally harmless, and not mixed chemicals in her. So if you have consumed, in the body does not have any harmful side effects either. In addition, it should really strong for the selection of herbs you see also that, kredibilasnya already known. When the herbs are made by a person skilled in the art, so that the herbs you bought has a function that match the needs of consumers.

Then you need to be smart to choose herbs with Halal. For a Muslim to believe that to satisfy the woman is one of the cult is born, so the Muslims themselves can also use powerful herbs, but they must also adapt the rules in the drink and should not be excessive . Certainly also to the composition of this powerful herb is marked 100% halal, so there is no impure composition in it. By choosing and buying a powerful instant herbal male without side effects, you can also choose the type of herbs that are sold using the warranty. Warranty is an important thing to make a purchase, as well as in purchasing this herbal tonic. It would also have a goal to keep users or consumers not feeling confused if one produces positive sexual changes for him. In addition, a strong herbal medicine also need to get a license from the Ministry of Health or BPOM, due to the existence of the license, to ensure whether or not these herbs are consumed.