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Spanish Property

Violation of European Union law, Constitution and Human Rights? Well just in case you missed the last page or two here is a major offense.

1. Consultation – or less

In civilized countries where landowners should be consulted. This is the basic right is not it? However it is a basic right that is completely ignored and ignored in Valencia.

2. Feasibility studies and environmental impacts

The Generalitat should order a feasibility study and an environmental impact study to be undertaken. It identifies problems such as water shortages, waste disposal, power supplies (Iberdrola refuses to grant new permits in some areas because they do not have the capacity to address current demand). Some projects have such studies and if done, they are questionable, factual facts.

For example ‘Las Salinas’ in Calpe had a study. A petition was actually brought against this urbanization because of the environmental impact. The Spanish authorities responded that according to their research there was no impact to consider and the EU washed its hands.

But this is very misleading as the project turns out to be a major urbanization that will destroy hundreds of species of birds, flora and fauna and water shortages – all easily ignored. No consideration is given to anything other than profit for the developer and town hall to the detriment of the environment jasa topografi and the property owner.

3. Notice of owner

The owners should be told – in almost every case they are not! This is usually not a foreign resident and no effort is made to contact them because there are legal challenges that will sustain this project. When attempts are made, contact details are usually out of date – and it is not in their interest to identify the current owner.

4. Invitation to tender.

The city hall is required to announce urbanization in the local, regional, national and European press for every major contract – this is a basic European Contract Law and applies to all member states. Usually developers start the process and put pressure on city hall, in terms of social benefits and inducements – read bribes – allegedly.

A number of cases have been highlighted where the mayor was imprisoned for inducement. They push through the development plan and only if approved, they announce it – giving the owner no time to react.

5. Land Acquisition.

City hall has the right to steal – allowing no small talk, this theft – the owner of the land. They can control 70% of the land.

Let’s say we agree that urban development is a good thing and we do not mind losing a bit of land – or even paying a bit for urbanization. But 70% of your land goes to road construction and infrastructure – come on!

Land Fraud


When a buyer invests in a piece of land, he has different questions in mind like, will my title be cleared? Is a plot of land moot? Am I a victim of fraudulent activity? and others…

There are London Land Scams, Kent Land Scams and Sussex Land urugan semarang Scams in the past but land scams are no more common than other types of real estate fraud. Where there is money that can be made fleecing greedy, stupid, or just lazy, surely people must follow.

This is not what land scams do. Here are some real examples:

– Selling land that is worthless, in other words land without development potential, and claiming to have high value, classical land is under water but also on the cliff side, under the bridge buffer, and on the median highway.

– Promising land buyers facilities such as golf courses, community centers and tennis courts that will never be built.

– Promise the improvement of subdivision of land buyers such as sewers, street lights, sidewalks, even roads that no one knows to build.

– Make false representations to buyers about the value of their land, especially claiming that many of today’s purchases will skyrocket in value.

– A vague description of the act that allows the land promoter to sell the same land to multiple buyers at once.

– Subdivisions are illegal or not approved, especially if the ground has not been perforated correctly and permission is granted.

– Selling land where a clear title can not be transferred, such as selling land you do not own and disguised as the real owner through the use of fake documents and fake IDs.

– Order mineral, water and other land rights without revealing this important fact to the buyer at the time of sale.

– Using high-pressure and immoral tactics to sell the land, especially misinterpreting the buyer’s legal right to cancel the agreed sale.

– Selling land with marginal value at excessive prices, mainly through the use of easy credit terms ($ 5 down, $ 50 a month).

– Selling land where defects such as environmental pollution are known but not disclosed or fail to inform buyer material facts that will ultimately reduce the sale price of the land.

Soil Better Prospects Of Oklahoma State Investments

Because the neighborhood is quiet and serene, multiple recreational activities and scenic beauty of rural land deals, people are drawn out of the city. While most people buy underdeveloped land to build houses, others are looking for a number of prospects to help them take a huge jasa topografi amount of money.

the trend started decades back when people from areas of the country to break through to the big cities for better opportunities and lifestyle luminous. the trend has been reversed now, with a mad rush in cities to encourage people to stay in the countryside. Far from the city fro, tranquility and a pleasant view draw people to areas of the country. In addition, they get a chance to participate in the extraordinary activities such as camping, fishing, hunting, horseback riding and more.

From the diverse flora and fauna of the mountains to the river, rural location offers an exceptional place to stay. In addition to recreational activities and breathtaking beauty, investments in land have better prospects in terms of finances. You can do so much with your soil. You can take advantage of underdeveloped land in quiet surroundings solely for your own personal needs. A good option is to build a house where you can live permanently and breeding.

Additionally, you can build a second house where you stay for holidays and rent it to the tourists, for the remainder of the year. Because of their extraordinary beauty, such places attract thousands of tourists every year, most of them are looking to stay in a private property. Renting the property out will help you take a lot of money. The best part of investing in land is that it never loses its value. Conversely, land prices continue to rise, even for a backward land. Therefore, you can sell it a year later at a higher price than what you bought it for.

Once you have made up your mind, you can search for land in rural areas, however, is the hard part. You have to take account of your budget, the proximity of the land of your current city, availability of land and above all, the purpose of purchasing land. Do you want to build a house or sell it back after some time, the purpose of making a big difference in choosing the land. If you have an appreciation for wildlife and want to stay in natural surroundings, the best soil for you to buy is state land in Oklahoma.

Of Lake View Ranch for Pushmataha to Saddlebrook Ranch, Oklahoma has a variety of undeveloped land has to offer.

* With five public lakes, Pushmataha County offers abundant opportunities for scuba diving. Another activity is to participate in bird watching, hiking, horseback riding and camping. To add that some of the accusations of private and public golf courses just a few minutes away from this place. Located less than three hours drive from major cities such as Tulsa, Dallas and Oklahoma City, this farm will provide a rich experience of country life.

* Creeks, ponds, lakes and rivers are part of Saddlebrook Ranch, which is great to build a house, livestock, agriculture and hunting. Bordering Hughes County, which is known to compute the highest deer in the state, this hunting land for sale in Oklahoma offers many white-tailed deer, elk, and deer.

* Because of its beauty and direct access to Highway 43, Lake View Ranch property worth considering. Located close to the main reservoir Oklahoma, this property offers magnificent Ouachita Mountains, many tributaries wet weather runoff and Sardis Lake is incredible.

Are Absolutely No Land of the Free?

Free land parcels that are widely available still today. You just need to keep your eyes open to find a good one. This article talks about the various aspects of the claim free land.

Claiming free land or property

One example of history can be cited in this regard when new settlers in America began to claim free land as their own and the houses built and agricultural land on it.

Back to more recent times, it can be said that there is an empty and unused plot like countless land claims lay waiting for someone to go ahead and register in his name.

identification of the property if the first and foremost step to get you where you need to demonstrate the selectivity and undergo some detective work to identify properties suitable plot for you to stake claim.

Property not claimed always to have some signs that one can identify. gate and lush gardens, shrub land, garage unused, broken or abuts up window, where even unused commercial jasa ukur tanah semarang and industrial buildings can be an example of such signs.

Always remember that these signs are not very clear. So, if you drive around your neighborhood, you will definitely lose this subtle hint. You have to walk around the area to be able to spot the signs.

You need to Register your property identification check once done. That is, you need to contact the local land registry to check whether the said portion of land have been registered or not registered. It is also possible that the first application pending status.

First, if the status is that it is already registered may be that the owner has died and has no relatives or the relatives may not want a piece of land. This case is also possible that the owner has permanently shifted overseas to leave a plot of land.

First, if registered this could mean several things like the owner has died and has no relatives, the family may not be interested in their part of the land or property, or perhaps that the owner may have just enough plentiful and move abroad.

If the land registry tells you that it is ‘Waiting for first application’, they basically means that someone else has beaten you to the ground and claimed before you. What should you do in such a case is to let go and find your own piece of land unused land and abandoned else instead.

Once you have checked the status of registration of promising piece of land, you need to trace the original owner ahead because as you will be required to provide evidence for contacting the person when you go ahead to stake a claim on any ground.

An effective strategy would be to ask the neighbor directly about any information about the owner. If they fail to provide so try asking the post office, the office of probate records (if he is dead), local landlords, milkman, newspaper agents and the like. You might as well go and examine the role of the election.

Although not required to provide documents to the land registry, it is always better if you retain proof of the commencement date of your claim. You can do this by compiling the document and asked for two friends or colleagues to sign as a witness.

Doing things such as installing a fence or actually ‘forbidden’ signboard is a good way to quickly determine whether there is at all any owner of a plot of land.