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Images Samsung Galaxy Note 5 online Here Make Hardware Specifications

Images Samsung Galaxy Note 5 online Here Make Hardware Specifications

Are wasted, images of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 now close the presentation (according to the latest rumors, we are always oriented to August 12). Now we can say with relative certainty that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be moved from the processor Exynos 7422 Octa-Core CPU, GPU and LTE modems, flanked by a RAM to 4 GB DDR4.

Confirmations arrive for the display, which will remain – just like its predecessor – 5.5 inches only with an even higher resolution than the present, even if other Chinese render speculate for 5.7-inch and a battery of even 4100 mAh (unlikely, a 3220 mAh) much more plausible.

These are the same sites that anticipating the new S-Pen Samsung Galaxy Note 5 design, compared to Notes 4, would be slightly different. Also this kind of a button at the top, could be a push-to-release mechanism that would allow the S Pen automatic extraction.
The Municipality of Monsummano Terme presents the innovative solution Pay Box
The Councillor for Finance and Innovation, Simona de Caro, he has emphasized the satisfaction of believing right now to undertaking the project quickly this way. The Pay Box system allows to rejoin payments directly with the administrative part and in total safety. It is in fact diagamenti poured promptly and directly into the coffers of the City. Today we start with three services, but the system is modular and this will allow us to activate in time many others, so that citizens can pay in the Pay Box neighborhood shops, all taxes and local services.

Rossella Parlanti Confesercenti emphasized instead how, through the Pay Box you can return to the territory greater vibrancy and solidity. The shops will have more weapons for active management and not be forced to close, he was keen to stress Parlanti.

Roberto Casati, co-founder of Pay Box Srl wanted to briefly mention that Pay Box is the only system in Italy that can charge citizens through neighborhood shops, bars, tobacconists, newsagents, etc., In a completely safe environment for the parties involved.

The receipt is delivered to the city only after the money collected has been reclaimed at the bank Treasurer of the City, and after updating the databases that is, once the debt has been cleared and there is a risk of generating a double payment. This basic fact guarantees absolute and total garanza for both the citizen and the City, concluded Casati.

Massimiliano Giornetti Leaves Ferragamo

Massimiliano Giornetti Leaves Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo announces that Massimiliano Giornetti left the role of Creative Director.

This is the title of the press. Dry. A communication that would please the director of ANSA two or three decades ago. It gives the news in a row. The first, above.

Then a historical comment He joined Salvatore Ferragamo in 2000 as a man clothing designer, in 2011 Giornetti had taken over the creative direction of the brand, as if to say that the Giornetti career within Ferragamo was growing and fruitful .

Finally, the customary thanks. The Ferragamo Group Massimiliano Giornetti thanked for his commitment and for the long collaboration.

There is a line by Giornetti but, you know, goodbyes often leave you speechless. But there’s a twist. That is, the declaration of Michele Norsa, CEO of Ferragamo Group, which claims to find in this separation one occasion We will take this opportunity to revisit our approach to creativity. Over the years the company has discovered and supported many young talents and can now count on an excellent creative team inside, says Norsa. He suggests that another creative director for now there is no trace. Nor, perhaps, if he feels the need. But is that really so We will see in the coming days. Or months.

The fact remains that Slimane from Saint Laurent output is another shock to the international fashion industry. Now the creative directors are replaceable pieces of oiled gears and, as far as image return can bring, are still pawns on a chess board governed by finance and marketing. After Raf Simons at Dior who opened the ballet, Alber Elbaz from Lanvin, Stefano Pilati as Zegna, Brioni by Brendan Mullane, Massimiliano Giornetti of Ferragamo and now Slimane from Saint Laurent, the outputs of the creative directors are on the agenda. Those who for one reason, some for another, it is a trend that still suggests a mechanism that, if it is not broke, it is worn. The correspondence between companies and their creative directors is getting thinner, more and more linked to both figures both to the moods both grandstanding.

What, in fact, has pushed Slimane not to renew the contract, it also has a bit ‘mysterious. One can understand that the creative stress today is huge, but when it was not Without the proper proportions, basically years ago creative had even less logistical support within their companies to do the work they had to do.

8 Small Bathrooms That Will Make You Fall In Love

8 Small Bathrooms That Will Make You Fall In Love

The bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house. And if it is in front of a house by itself contained dimensions, the bath is even more. It is therefore necessary to better organize the available space. One trick to optimize the available space is clearly choosing of bathroom furniture from the appropriate size and that they are also functional and practical. In this article we show you 8 small bathrooms designed with success, both from an aesthetic point of view and from the functional.

Decorate with photos

The first bathroom that we propose has the advantage of having a large mirror that goes from one side of the wall. This trick helps undoubtedly perceive as deeper the room. But it may be too bare surface. Here, then, that you can decorate the mirror posting of small paintings or prints depicting what you prefer. In the image, for example, you can see that they were chosen photographs of landscapes or city. If possible, better match between the colors of the subject to those of the bathroom in order to make more harmonious the general environment of the room.

A psychedelic rock bath

If you have a rock temperament, why not break up the monotony and choose to coat the walls of the bathroom with tiles of different from usual Green light in color and geometry so for the triumph of daring in furnishing and decoration. Here the atmosphere is typical of the sixties, slightly psychedelic.

A mini rustic bathroom

We move now in the attic of an old house which provides a small rustic bath in which prevails the winning combination of wood and green square tiles that cover the floor and the bathtub old fashioned bathroom. The use of wood on doors,

Everything well organized

The organization of space is the key to ensuring that both a comfortable environment. Whether it’s a living room, a bedroom or a bathroom, optimizing the available space is the secret to not further close one already in the little self space. To achieve this, we suggest you use the shelves, furniture with shelves and drawers in which to put all the products for personal hygiene and other toiletries. Another trick that can help you is to place in certain parts of the room of the small wooden boxes or wicker baskets to distribute well the elements.

Solo By Laura Morante, Criticism Too Many Things, Chaos

Solo By Laura Morante, Criticism Too Many Things, Chaos

How many ideas we want to make a movie Obvious all those who serve and not one more.  The question and answer are posed by Fabio Ferzetti for The Messenger who has reviewed Solo, the new film by Laura Morante. Ferzetti writes that despite the title and theme, the second directed by Laura Morante ideas instead there are perhaps too many. And ideas do not mean just narrative ideas, but also perspectives and styles of storytelling.

The film speaks of Morante Flavia (Laura Morante), a woman fragile and uncertain. He has two marriages behind her, two children, a dog in loan and is always desperate search for consensus and the affection of the people around her Unable to separate emotionally from her ex-husbands Gerardo (Francesco Pannofino) and Willy (Gigio Alberti), Flavia weaves friendly relationships with their new companions, Giusi (Emanuela Grimalda) and Ilaria (Carolina Crescentini). This extended family Flavia is not always alone, unable to reach any goal for her really important. Whether a driver’s license or a course of tango, nothing seems to go your way. Between mishaps and surprising discoveries, Flavia will learn that no woman is perfect and that self-esteem and freedom so were chased right there at your fingertips.

Many topics, so many characters, frenetic pace. Indeed Ferzetti notices immediately and writes

Of course in a suffocating film like ours, an actress who directed the second raises the bar and broadens horizons does sympathy in advance. Especially since this eclectic Solo, written with ex-mate Daniele Costantini and implemented in a cheerful atmosphere of extended autobiography (autobiography is always collective, or generational, because it affects the feelings that the events), boasts many moments succeeded precisely because they play on the contrasts of tone.

The film goes a bit ‘zigzag between new ideas, some less, and uneven execution that remains fresh but can be confusing. After all, the center of it all is the chronic insecurity of the protagonist, but to paint an insecure it takes the iron hand of Woody Allen, a physicist from funny comic born. And music less lazy than those provided by Nicola Piovani, who instead emphasize the different souls of this unusual film and ambitious are likely to flatten removing personality.

9 Bedroom Styles for 9 Different Personalities

9 Bedroom Styles for 9 Different Personalities

Each one has its own personal bedroom. Well, every one of us is surrounded by carefully chosen furniture and matched to ensure a home-like atmosphere that best suits your needs not only from the functional but also the stylistic point of view.

The most romantic souls, for example, will love impalpable fabrics and woods full of charm, while the most pragmatic will prefer net forms and few decorations as the best minimalist tradition wants. Today we are entering the perfect bedroom of 9 different personalities ready to recognize yours

Modern with simplicity

A simple bedroom, however, which fails banality, fits perfectly into the home of those who love modern functionality and decor over everything else.

From Nordic flavor

A light and bright palette contrasts the room with a Nordic flavor dedicated to balanced and orderly personalities, with a distinct aesthetic sense and lovers of organic stylistic current.

Elegant and fascinating

For lovers of luxury, or simply glam in all its facets, here is a sleek and charming bedroom that admires iridescent and silky lingerie on a bed with capitonné padded headboard, suspended lamps with brilliant bronze finish and fine honed wood.


Canopy, wicker and raffia, dark wood combined with ecru fabrics and accessories that recall the scope of travel these are the distinctive features of an ideal colonial room for personalities curious about the constant search for stimuli.


Oriental echoes come to the oriental style room, best suited to those who follow feng shui, who prefers ground mattresses, floral fantasies, and essential geometric shapes.

Bohemien and romantic

How to support that tremendously romantic romantic vein that looks at exotic and endless scenarios Bring it to your home furnishing, of course! A boho style room, made of impalpable fabrics, light and raw wood, deco finishes and a green touch, will therefore be the case for the ingenious dreamers.

Mediterranean and colorful

A sparkling and energetic personality can only surround themselves with bright and warm colors just like orange. The Mediterranean style, a forge of lively complements, fresh and exquisite shades, decorative elements of the flavor lived, then becomes the perfect home furnishing solution in the bedroom.


Stone and wood dress up the rustic and traditional bedroom for those who love falling asleep and waking up in touch with the rural dimension and natural materials.


Maximum linearity and few frills is the winning winner for minimal-addicts order, neutral and enveloping colors, cleansing of shape, great space and furniture from the current design will make the happiness of the most methodical and pragmatic personalities.

A Flat with Many Scandinavian Style Ideas to Copy

A Flat with Many Scandinavian Style Ideas to Copy

We love Nordic design but we fear that too white and rough wood can be monotonous and impersonal Let’s take a look at this Book of Ideas and let’s get ready to rewrite it. This is a cheerful Scandinavian apartment where the lines and suggestions of northern Europe are revisited in a creative way to create original, colorful and fascinating environments. Let’s go through the images together and let us conquer the proposed solutions. Surely we can find interesting things to copy to our home.

An overview

We begin our virtual tour with an overall look at living, a welcoming and cheerful environment. Despite the small size of the space, the interior designers who have cared for the project have been able to differentiate between different functional areas, thus giving way to a fluid but well-organized space.
The kitchen is small but functional and full of personality
MOA design Scandinavian style kitchen

We look closely at the kitchen, small but functional and rich in personality. L-shaped and equipped with everything you need to work agile, it also offers a large floor and wall units that use all the height available. The steel cylinder hood, which reflects on the large green water wall, flashes the spotlights of the spotlights in the countertop.
House 1 Classic style bedroom Country style Opera s.r.l.

Need help with your home design

Cozy and effective living

Now let’s look at living from another point of view and admire the glass-faced window overlooking the wood, giving it great lightness to the environment and giving warm shades to the parquet flooring.
The revival of wallpaper

Still a glimpse of the elegant living, where the attention to attention is above all the wall covered with mother-of-pearl wallpaper with blank motifs an elegant detail and at the same time ridicule, which gives great personality to the home and contributes to warming The Scandinavian style chosen to decorate it.
A small size input but of great impact

The wallpaper goes on to the corner with the entrance, a small but impressive environment where a practical wardrobe with a small chest of drawers has been laid out, perfect for handbags, scarves and hats .

From the entrance we proceed to the sleeping area through the corridor decorated in total white a strategic choice to expand the spaces and communicate a sense of order and cleanliness.

Prickly Problem Sweat In Infants? Here’s How To Overcome It

Prickly heat is one type of health disorder of the skin that often affects children. These disorders often appear during the dry season. The emergence of prickly heat in infants must be treated in a proper way because it is very dangerous to health of the skin, especially the skin on the head, face, and neck. If not quickly treated, or how to resolve it wrong,  buntet will cause skin irritation, infection, and cause discomfort.

How to overcome the prickly heat safely and properly in the baby should be seen first type of sweat buntet her. Because not all types of spots that appear due to blockage of the pores of the skin as sweat out fairly dangerous roads, in other words can heal by itself.

In the medical world, skin health issues ‘prickly heat’ referred Miliary . Whereas people used to call Java keringet buntet . Problems of the skin is very annoying and can affect anyone at any age. However, the age of infants and children are especially susceptible to heat rash because their skin is still sensitive.

Prickly heat rash in infants and children generally occurs around the head, face, neck, abdomen to the back. To overcome  buntet in infants, should be done with caution. Remember! their skin is still very sensitive to drugs.

What Causes Prickly Sweat Baby In Children?

Simply put, Miliary (keringet buntet) arise due to blockage of the pores of the skin into the road (lane) sweat.

The blockage comes from dirt, dust and germs then result in the formation of red spots that itch. The more the skin pores are clogged, so the more prickly heat that appears.

Types And Symptoms emergence Buntet Sweat?

The medical world knows 3 types Miliary are classified based on the location of the blockage of sweat ducts, which Miliary crystalline , Miliary rubra , and Miliary deep .

For this type of crystalline and rubra can occur at any age, but the type of Miliary deep, more common in adults than children under five.

  1. If prickly heat in infants appears in the neck, head, and upper body, it is called Miliary crystalline . Clinically looked tiny bubbles containing clear liquid with a size of 1-2 millimeters and can break easily if pressed. These types are relatively harmless because it is rarely accompanied by inflammation and did not cause complaints in children.
  2. If prickly heat on the head, neck, groin and armpits, it is called Miliary rubra . Clearly visible red spots and tiny bubbles containing clear liquid on the basis of redness. This type classified as dangerous because it gives at once smarting itching on the skin surface.
  3. If a new heat rash after miliaria rubra is repeated, then called Miliary deep . Clinically visible white spots, hard to measure 1-3 millimeters without causing itching and skin inflammation. This type are rare and seldom experienced by infants.

How To Prevent Sweat Biang Appears In Toddlers

Despite the prickly heat is a health disorder is quite common in children and is considered a trivial matter, but when it happens to be extremely disruptive and cause discomfort. Therefore, prevention measures is better than cure prickly heat in infants.

    • Choose clothing that absorbs sweat example of cotton clothing.
    • Substitution of baby clothing that was wet with sweat.
    • Avoid wearing clothing made of wool because of the ability to absorb sweat less and often cause itching on the skin of children who are still classified as sensitive.

A knit hat (wool) can cause sweat buntet in the baby’s head

  • If the child is excessive sweat, try more frequent washing, especially before bed.

How to Overcome Biang Sweat In Infants?

    • If the child has Miliary crystalline, then you do not need to worry because it does not have to be treated. Prickly heat this type will heal itself gradually when the child’s skin stays cool and dry.
    • Take care of baby’s skin hygiene to how to bathe and change clothes regularly so that the skin can breathe properly.
    • How to get rid of prickly heat in infants kind of miliary rubra (causing the pain) is to apply a lotion specifically for children that contain calamine.

Special lotion to treat sweat buntet in infants

  • Do not give too thick powder on the scalp is wet because it can form a dough that can lead to blockage of the pores. If the pore is obstructed, then easy buntet in the baby’s head appeared.
  • Cut the baby’s nails regularly to avoid scratching the skin affected by prickly heat so it does not cause irritation or skin infections.
  • Aloe vera is an herbal substance that can provide a sense of cold on the skin. Apply aloe vera gel to the affected body area keringet buntet that discomfort can be reduced.
  • A mixture of 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 cup of cold water can be a more simple solution to overcome the prickly heat. Use a washcloth to compress part of the blockage of the pores.
  • If prickly heat in children is very severe and has been going on skin infection due to scratching, take it to a doctor for further medical treatment.

This Is The Review of 2018 Subaru Outback

This new edition of 2018 Subaru Outback is the kind of car that you want to buy if you like to go on a trip a lot with all your family member or friends. There are four type which is Standar, Premium, Limited and also the great Touring type. For the Touring type, you get a bunch of cool feature like the EyeSight safety technology that allows your car to shift its setting automatically from high beam to low beam mode, when there are other vehicles approaching your way. The overall looks of exterior of this wagon is almost the same with Legacy’s that already introduced ealier, but Subaru didn’t forget to add a few styling for entertainment and technical system.

Image result for 2018 subaru outback

There is also a very useful feature added for this 2018 Subaru Outback, which is the adaptive headlights. This feature allows the headlights to pivot according to the direction if the steering wheel. Provide you with more light as well as better illumination for corner roads especially when you make trips at night. The overall looks, Subaru Outback is impressing both for its features and technology. It is a result from a well-balanced combination of fuel efficiency system, reliability with guarantee of satisfaction for the owner, makes this model popular to the shopper.

For the interior, 2018 Subaru Outback has spacious cabin with a remarkable legroom to comfort you even on the long ride. When you want to see the view outside, Subaru also added big windows and low beltlines to gives you freedom to enjoy the view outside as you go. You don’t have to worry about the noises from the outside bothered your trips, as Subaru has added some tweaks on the exterior, provide you with a more quieter interior. The steering wheel also got some tweaks to it, to provide you with a more smoother and enjoyable ride.

Continuous Light Sources

Continuous Light Sources

The continuous light sources include both tungsten lamps that the quartz halogen lamps, without forgetting the energy savings (including LED) that lately are making their entrance in the world of photography. Their main advantage is that they allow to predict exactly how the final image will appear. In the case of tungsten lamps and halogen lamps, the latter generating a lot of heat, are unsuitable for the delicate living subjects, place always very carefully.


We know how a camera is able to capture all the colors that the human eye can see (see the article on the installation latitude). The photo of a sunny day could have a brightness range of well over eight stops below the reality A typical digital camera is able to successfully record a range of about five stop (a bit ‘more obviously in the presence of a good SLR), which means that the details might be lost in the shadows is that in the lights. There are several ways to solve the problem, brightening the dark areas in particular, through the use of diffusers, reflectors or via the fill flash technique. Always remember, before leaving for a shipment of macro photography to define the exposure latitude of your device to avoid disappointments in post-production.


A diffuser has the purpose to reduce and diffuse the light emitted by the light source, as well as to attenuate it. It works like a cloud passing before the sun, just to give you an idea. There are several speakers on the market (refer again to Article on accessories for photography), but if you have an urgent need to build one, even a paper sheet before the light can be functional. Obviously the temperatures eye if the light to be spread is warm, a traditional paper may catch fire.


The main purpose of a reflector is to reflect light in the shadow areas of a scene thus reducing the overall contrast. Are several reflective surfaces that can be used to reflect light in the shadows (see the article about accessories for photography), with a white cloth to a silver foil or a mirror. Each surface has its own characteristics depending on the material and the size. Some reflectors are made to be transported and stored without problems rigid plastic disks that can be requested on themselves and become much smaller (usually boil down to ¼ of the actual size), and therefore easy to transport. The spotlight, especially in macro photography, are fundamental and should always be part of the photographer’s kit.

App For Housewives, Help With Housework

App For Housewives, Help With Housework

App for desperate housewives, here is what the app to download that will give you a hand with the management of the home and housework.

Endless days of work only to find themselves at home to deal with the housework, but unfortunately not all of us perfect housewives organized. Never fear, help us out there are apps for desperate housewives: applications designed for the housewife Doc looking for a way to organize domestic work, but also for the hard worker who needs to scan and optimize time.

It ‘the first application for smartphones that allows us to limit the disasters caused by incorrect use of the machine, basically an app that tells you what you can put together in a washing machine or what are colored items that you absolutely can not wash together. Lots of useful tips, tricks and secrets to wash any type of fabric and eliminate even the toughest stains without ruining your leaders. Download it and your washing machine will stop being a monster-eats clothes, WhashaApp also provides a service of weather in real time so you’ll know even when you can or you can not remove the laundry.

How many times will we happened to be in the queue at the supermarket checkout, to open their wallets and start looking for your loyalty card from dozens of cards and receipts, and not likely to find it because you left it at home or remained in the background some bag? Stocard is an app that lets you record using barcode all the loyalty cards you have in your wallet and use them directly via smartphone.

And ‘the application you need to make a shopping list. Easy to use, this app will allow you to make different lists in relation to the supermarket or the store where you usually do your shopping for the home. For every article included in the list, you can also specify the price, in order to know in advance, before they even go to the grocery store, the cost of your cart.

It ‘another application that explains how to remove stains. In the database there are over 100 different types of stains and solutions to remove them, with a differentiation between white and colored clothes. iStain is the perfect app for anyone who has problems with the dirty clothes.