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Understanding the importance of Algorithms Facebook Share Facebook Marketer

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Understanding ones importance connected with Algorithms Facebook Share Facebook Marketer — being a digital marketer, especially with regard to those which focus from interpersonal media marketing can be facebook, superior know and right algorithms facebook can be 1st in addition to foremost. Why ? since regardless of whether anyone do not recognize your own algorithm is applied facebook, and then your current marketing activities can be useless — in addition to only throw This : an waste connected with time with no maximum results. This is often found for the majority connected with my personal friends : friends whom are “blindly” execute marketing activities. the result \’m predictable, they sole waste – waste of date along with simply menjudge It marketing with Facebook can be not your work. Any time throughout fact, anyone which fail this, do not make use of and also exploit science facebook algorithms.

Even THE protégé, often “mbalelo”, unwilling to be able to apply the knowledge The idea may be released properly. though we have explained on the start of a meeting and also i often repeated on the meeting — after that meeting, It did Just as instructed in addition to science The idea continues to be submitted. But within reality, you\’ll find so many that prefer to use their own night out as well as prioritize feeling will be not true science. regardless of whether It has such as that, i am just leaving hands As soon as they complained Regarding the disappointing results obtained. because the MY work continues to be performed in order to convey knowledge and also ways of marketing facebook correct, your own problem they want in order to practice or not, return towards secret one — each.
Understanding ones importance involving Algorithms Facebook
Understanding your importance connected with Algorithms Facebook
Why Just in case understand Facebook Algorithm Adgerank?

Edgerank facebook algorithm can be the algorithm The item functions to help Pick out which notifications will appear at the newsfeed regarding each involving facebook users, that are exhibited at the top, middle, bottom, or maybe that do not need to appear in the newsfeed. your own workings of an algorithm can be to make the assessment of any relationship between the person interaction inside different users. your own further closely ones interaction between your current user, after that any kind of updates, the consumer may appear on the newsfeed user interacts in it.

Facebook adgerank learn your algorithm is very first along with foremost since the This can be related with an way, types, in addition to patterns when i usually are for you to release a great post to reach your current fans (if fanspage) in addition to reach out to help friends (if facebook profile) maximum. recognize algorithms pertaining to facebook facebook marketers Just as clicks In the same way studying your algorithm of Google with regard to a search marketer.

If search marketers learn your google algorithm thus that the internet site towards primary page involving google, pertaining to facebook marketers, learning algorithms facebook made It each posting appears inside newsfeed fans or perhaps facebook friends on the fullest. Useless regardless of whether i have quite a few like within fanspage, but few a person affordable. Suppose we have fanspage within 100,000 like, but your current variety connected with his post sole at the hundreds. Facebook profile or perhaps a friend with a maximum associated with 5,000 people, but deserted interaction considering that the when i did not reach your post at the newsfeed associated with friends.

So. facebook know algorithm can be very mouse clicks It my own marketing activities from facebook possibly be extra effective along with create added stout. ones following may explain In regards to the elements — elements The idea make up a great algorithm adgerank.

Three Elements Shaping Algorithm Adgerank

To know algortma edgerank. my spouse and i must recognize your current elements – your current constituent elements. You will discover three elements forming adgerank algorithm are: Affinity, Force along with time Decay.

1. Affinity

Simply put, affinity is usually The sort of interaction between anyone within additional users. in order to assess the actual interaction, facebook using indicators like, comment, as well as share. While when i view the post, subsequently my spouse and i can be minimal like. whether or not there can be a good post as well as attract attention, my spouse and i will be moved to help visit comment. as well as no matter whether there is often a post It this season : this year good quality, mouse clicks in addition to helpful pertaining to others, we can Choose for you to share within friends (share). consequently your user’s interaction with us all in the past will probably affect regardless of whether OUR posts appear then at the newsfeed user.

2. Weight

Weight is Force rating issued to a good update. your more i get shared posts, comments, plus the like, after that adgerank assess THE posts tend to be posting quality thus when i can be added posts for the raised newsfeed additional users. the higher ones amount regarding interactions at an post, then your current algorithm can adgerank memprioritakan most of these postings reach added consumer newsfeed facebook.

3. day Decay

Time decay can be defined As how old the post. your current older your posting connected with us, your own less likely the user will certainly appear on the newsfeed. throughout other words, an post provides the future “life” to be able to exist appear in the newsfeed. your heavier the program code of any post from the interaction, your current longer your own life span connected with these postings at facebook newsfeed.

Tips in order to Improve Edgerank Facebook

Once we recognize what your own algorithm adgerank along with it\’s constituent elements, subsequently when i will manage the accounts facebook profile or even fanspage all of us well, consequently This any ezines It my spouse and i will certainly do to help reach additional users. Here are tips for you to improve edgerank OUR facebook account:

1. Post Something Quality

Users at facebook can be happy for you to read or perhaps view something interesting in addition to rewarding. Quality content is actually text, images, or video. Interesting content as well as quality by itself will probably gain The load program code is actually high because the several like, comment as well as share. So, If you happen to perhatiakan primary regardless of whether you would want to improve edgerank is usually to prepare quality content regarding users regarding facebook.

2. generate Interaction in Interactive Postings

Make a good post The item invites the person in order to participate want for you to respond in order to ones post. Type the particular post can be a great guessing game, quiz, inquired ones news, wondering preferences and also hobbies, in addition to others — lian. Essentially you\’ll want to lure smart user interaction to engage actively, therefore In the same way to increase ones program code connected with affinity score.

3. Make your Organized Postings

Make posts It get a regular day lag, capable of control the night out decay, thus The item my spouse and i will certainly reach every person posting towards the fullest. ones trick is for you to set up the schedule regarding my personal posts towards the hour – limited hours. to be able to schedule your current post, incase WORK WITH a great third party similar to Hootsuite, Buffer, along with grabinbox.

4. Avoid postings This Triggering Negative Response

Postings This trigger negative responses like posts containing racism and pornography must always be avoided. regardless of whether my own posts may disturb people, subsequently they can record my personal posts Just as spam or perhaps violates ones provisions of facebook. to be a result, my partner and i adgerank score can decrease.

Here are some health benefits of pineapple for


1. Overcoming constipation
Constipation is usually caused by lack of fibrous foods. Pineapple contain enough fiber so it is good for constipation.

2. Lowering Blood Pressure
The content of potassium in pineapple can help control high blood pressure. The fibers can also prevent the absorption of fat in the gastrointestinal tract so there is no accumulation in blood vessels can lead to higher blood pressure.

3. Lose Weight
Pineapple inhibits fat absorption in the digestive tract of up wasted because the enzyme proteiolitik with feces in it. Vitamin C in pineapple also helps the fat burning process so it does not accumulate in the body.

4. Treat Gout
Potassium and make the pineapple enzyme bromelain is a diuretic, which is effective to help overcome the problem of gout. Avoid consuming too ripe pineapple because of the alcohol content in it can lead to increased levels of uric acid.

5. Overcoming Digestive Disorders
Pineapple fruit also contains fiber and vitamin C that can help constipation as well as inhibit the absorption of fat is then excreted out of the body.

6. Overcoming flatulence
Substance bromelain in pineapple can help break down food so it can reduce bloating in the stomach. In addition, bromelain is also beneficial to reduce inflammation after surgery, reduce pain and treat swelling of oesteoarthritis nose while experiencing sinusitis infection.

Differences Offset Printing And Digital Printing

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of using digital printing with offset printing is essential to determine an appropriate choice.

Is a way of printing for high volume and in general has been done for commercial purposes. Characteristic in offset printing is required the use of Film and Plate print (almunium Plate) which will be used as media transfer document that will be printed to surface media of paper, plastic, etc .. And the document to be printed is filled in ink from the machine roll.

Offset printing has a high enough price if the printing volume is in the least category, since offset printing requires plates & Movies. One plate represents one document field, one color and type. The more types of documents and colors used, the greater the amount to pay. In addition to plates, the price of offset printing is also determined by the type of paper, color blend, paper size and color quality.

Advantages with Offset printing:

The prints on the color quality are much more durable (not fade fast) than using digital print.
Price Printing in quantity will be much cheaper than digital print.
Can print on various surface types of paper media that can not be done by a digital machine, such as can print in paper thickness up to 400gr, able to print on patterned fields such as Samson, Embossed / Engrave Paper, recycle paper, can print on paper size up to 100 X 70 cm.

Can use ink type Gold, Silver and when printing with Gray gray color (Grayscale) then the result will be much more accurate than digital printing. Can print with Full Block ink with sharp and evenly distributed results. Ink printing by block is often used for making a negative design type.

Digital printing
Printing using digital printing is the opposite of the Offset printing process, whereby the Digital print is not required for plates and films so the price is not measured from the material. Digital printing is cheaper than offset printing for printing in small volume. Printing with Digital Print can be completed in a very fast time rather than using offset mode.

Some of the advantages of digital printing are:
Graphic design that you create can be printed directly as you wish. Guaranteed results will be the sharpness and clarity of color images and writing is determined by the quality of the design you create. It should be noted that all the designs you create must be in CMYK color format.

The time required for printing is very short but it depends on the number / number of prints.

Production cost is cheaper than other printing methods, especially for small amounts (No minimum order).

Printing by way of digital printing is a way of printing is more environmentally friendly than the way of printing the other because the process of digital printing is the most efficient printing process in using paper, ink and others.

If you have a relatively small budget, then the Digital Print print option is the right choice for printing in small quantities.

Source: Perusahaan Percetakan di Jakarta

How To Build A Correct Printing Business

Fast-paced times and modern as it currently makes the process of making documents faster. Digital printing system has recently attracted more and more entrepreneurs. We know the need for digital printing is very big, so now many digital printing business stalls appear in various places. Starting a digital printing printing business is not as easy as turning a palm. Indeed the benefits of percetakan business is very high, but the required capital is also fairly large.

Many people have a desire to do business in the field of printing, but there are issues surrounding how to start. The minds of potential entrepreneurs do not focus on printing given the price of such printing machines as copying machines and printer fields, and compensation is quite expensive. However, to start a digital printing printing business can start really with a small head of capital, that is, through small-scale leadership.

Starting a printing business should pay attention to the number of target markets or consumers. The average location of this digital printing business is in crowded places such as nearby highways, campuses, schools, downtown or business centers. The purpose of choosing the venue is to obtain a large number of consumers. Starting a printing business with a small capital should further reduce the purchase cost of digital printing machine. You can buy the machine with cheap price second or second quality. In starting a business in the field of digital printing printing with little capital you should be keen to see the condition of the machine despite the quality of used. So with a small capital we can get used machines with no less quality than the new machine.

If you have enough capital to buy a digital printing press, you should choose a high speed type. The purpose of the election is to speed up the completion of orders during busy times. Start printing the digital printing business when choosing a machine choosing a machine speed of about 6.9 square meters per hour. Then if you buy a successful high speed printing machine and then work will finish the process faster.

One part of the printing machine that is often replaced is ink. If the order or order from the consumer accumulate the intensity of the ink usage will be very large. In starting a digital printing printing business choose an ink-saving printing machine with a consumption rate of 8-15cc per m² with sharp picture quality.

The process of starting a digital printing printing business requires a digital printing machine with the best RIP Software. The program to manage the use of ink is called the RIP Software where its performance calculates how much ink spray on a paper or media. There is one popular RIP Software that has been widely used namely Software RIP Caldera.

If in the process of running digital printing printing business you receive a lot of orders, never reject it because every customer or consumer will give their trust to you. If you reject the consumer will move to another place so that makes your image printing so bad. For that your printing business continues to grow well should receive orders, although in large numbers and must dare to take risks that exist. Let’s just say that order is a challenge that must be solved in quick time. Gradually you will get used to the pressure of the order and at the same time the consumer will trust you.

Being a businessman in the field of printing requires more knowledge in the field of printing. If you do not understand the work of the system and the price of the device in an attempt to ask other experts or prints. Starting a digital printing business printing process is not always seamless, it should be an integral part of the knowledge about paper types, paper prices, and paper sizes in your mind. However, there is a practical way to work more focused from any staff with the experts in the field of printing.

In the process of starting a digital printing printing business requires an understanding of recognizing the production stage. The production process from receiving orders, analyzing, calculating print prices, taking into account the required components, knowing the production process, quality control, packing, delivery, and payment all must be understood correctly by the owner of the printing. For that you have to think about how to please customers so they want to come back again, one of them is to provide the best service in the printing business.

Going into the digital printing business will initially encounter various problems around the machine, prints, and customer service. This is very natural happens in the process of starting a digital printing printing business especially for beginners. Always give the best results and make a motto to convince consumers about your performance. Another one that often forgets to do is always provide a lot of choices to customers about the prints because the average consumer prefers high print quality than simple. But depending also from the condition and situation of consumers.

The next step in starting the printing business is to promote where this activity is essential to introduce your printing. There are several media that can be done that is internet and print media. Choose a medium that is cheap and fast in getting consumer attention. Also do not forget to provide a large size banner and put your business excellence there, so others will know.

This step is done if in starting a digital printing printing business is outside your head. In a few months or years you will be more adept at running a digital printing business. Therefore, investation need to be done to meet the need for machinery and other equipment.

Some of the processes in starting a digital printing printing business above can be done correctly and correctly if you understand the ins and outs of the printing world. Also not all the ways above you do and many other ways depending on the circumstances. As much as possible use the maximum way to produce print quality at customer’s request. We think we can share enough, hopefully what we share useful, do not forget to share the article How to Start a Printing Business.

How to Make Bones More Strong and Healthy

Bone is the skeleton of our body. We urgently need bone function as motion and protect the body. If the bones continue to be nourished and kept healthy, then the balance of the body will be maintained, and healthy bones can give us a better and energetic posture.

As we get older, bones tend to be vulnerable. Even when the fall is likely a small bone will break, which can lead to pain and loss of self-confidence.

Calcium helps to form and maintain strong bone health. Low levels of calcium can result in low bone density and easily porous. Appropriate levels of calcium and sufficient can help prevent osteoporosis and bone problems.

Exposure to morning sunlight on the arms, hands and face for 10 to 15 minutes each day will help our body naturally produce enough of the vitamin D needed to strengthen and nourish the bones. In addition, we can also consume foods rich in vitamin D, such as milk, cereal, orange juice, sardines, shrimp, egg yolk and tuna.

Vitamin D is also needed to absorb calcium.

According to a 2004 study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vitamin D deficiency can cause osteomalacia bone disease, brittle bones, and can aggravate osteoporotic adult conditions, and lead to rickets in children.

In addition, a study in 2014 published by Best Practice & Research Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism states that vitamin D deficiency, can make bone strength lost, which can cause osteoporosis and fractures.

Salt is known to cause excessive calcium excretion in the body through the kidneys, which in turn can make our bones become brittle.

A 2013 study published by the Endocrine Society states that a high salt intake in the body may increase a woman’s risk of fractures after menopause. In a 2008 study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, it was concluded that salt can cause significant changes in the balance of bone calcium, especially when accompanied by poor calcium intake.

The American Heart Association’s organization recommends limiting daily salt intake to no less and no more than 1,500 mg. In addition, avoid processed foods that contain high salt.

Smoking can cause a variety of health problems, including one of which is a bone problem. Smoking can prevent the body from absorbing calcium efficiently, thereby reducing bone density.

The US National Institutes of Health shows that smokers with low bone density can have a higher risk of fracture compared with people who do not smoke. This risk will continue to increase along with the duration of smoking activities.

Furthermore, in smokers women will tend to experience menopause at a young age, and cause porous bone to increase.

A 2013 study published in the Journal of the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons states that smoking is associated with long healing times and has a risk of complications in broken bones. Another study published by Bone & Joint Research in 2013 concluded that smoking can have a negative effect on bone healing.

Tips in Choosing a great Wedding Dress

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Marriage is often a very sacred ritual process and also privacy, therefore, needed preparation for a great success. one regarding them inside choosing a great dress / wedding kebaya. Good wedding dress for its ceremony or reception need to possibly be prepared well sooner the big night out thus how the implementation is actually completed Equally desired. There are several tips That is followed by numerous sources related to your own menu of the wedding dress.

wedding dress

Before your current selection regarding wedding dress should

Consult from the family sooner choosing the right outfit at the time frame of the contract and your own wedding party (eg kebaya, regardless of whether This really is traditional as well as wearing kebaya modern kebaya.
Select a good custom wedding dress or maybe ones proper style.
If You may buy Make sure to the model, color along with size In line with both partners.
If you want to make the own, do your own wedding dress reservations previous to day sooner the event takes place.
Make sure ones clothes fitting clothes though earlier utilize to be able to avoid changes with body shape or Force measurement error.
If funds tend to be limited, You can rent a good wedding dress instead associated with shopping new considering that the traditional wedding clothes usually lone be taken right after and also are not able to supply in everyday life.
Consultation with the wedding organizer or maybe you whom have competence within This field.
Choose clothing collection / wedding dress which has a color The item makes you and your partner seem authoritative. certainly tailored to help your own bridal makeup.

6 The health benefits of eating broccoli that must be known

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Vegetables are healthy food that is full of nutrients and vitamins. In addition, to consume you can cook it in various ways and also mixed into other foods. That is the reason why you should eat lots of vegetables, including broccoli.

Here are the benefits of eating broccoli that you should know as reported from

Good for eye health
According to some research, the existing carotenoid lutein in broccoli is good for preventing eye disease primarily associated with cataracts. Besides vitamin A in broccoli, also nourish the retina.

Regulate blood pressure
Broccoli is one type of vegetable should be consumed by people with high blood pressure because it contains magnesium and calcium.

Healthy nervous system
With high content of potassium in it, then the broccoli is good for the health of your nervous system.

Strengthen bones
Broccoli is high in calcium and vitamin K, which can help you to maintain bone strength and prevent osteoporosis.

Boosts the immune system
Broccoli can boost your immune system because broccoli contains beta carotene, zinc, and selenium.

Cleaning the skin
Want your skin look clean? Eat broccoli because broccoli contains glucoraphanin good for the skin doteksifikasi.

That’s the benefit of broccoli to your health. Try to include broccoli into your healthy diet.

Pandan Leaves Amazing Benefits For Body Health  

Pandan Leaves Amazing Benefits For Body Health – As we know, pandanus leaves are commonly used as the smell of food or natural food coloring. Because the color green which is quite typical and quite fragrant aroma, it is no wonder if pandan leaves are indispensable in the culinary field. But you know, in addition to its benefits in the culinary field, pandan leaves also have a myriad of extraordinary properties for health and beauty.

Since long, pandan leaves many people use as a medicinal plant. Pandan leaves believed to cure various diseases in the body. Here is an amazing benefit pandan leaves to human health.

Types of Pandan:
Fragrant pandan (Pandanus ammaryllifolius)
Papua red fruit (Pandanus conoideus)
Pandan thorn
Sea Pandan (Pandanus tectorius)
White Pandan (Pandanus baphtisii)
Twisted Pandan (Pandanus utilis)
African Pandan (Pandanus pygmeus)
Pandan Leaves Amazing Benefits For Body Health
Pandan Leaves Amazing Benefits For Body Health
Overcoming Arthritis
Rheumatic disease is a disease that attacks the bone. Generally, arthritis itself suffered by people who have aged quite old. To be free from the pain of arthritis, make sure to use pandan leaves. The content of nutrients contained in pandan fruit can help to cure rheumatism.

Overcoming Stress
The aroma of fragrant pandan leaves believed to make up your mind calmer. In addition to its aroma, nutrients contained in pandan leaves is believed to very good in dealing with stress and anxiety. Drink pandan leaf decoction twice a day when you feel restless anxious or stressed. Drink regularly to help the mind quieter and away from the stress.

Maintaining Healthy Hair
If you want healthy hair, soft, black, shiny, and far from dandruff problem, then be sure to put on pandan leaf. Some studies suggest that the nutritional content contained in pandan leaves is very good for maintaining health and beauty hair. Try to create a natural hair mask made from pandanus leaves.

Lowering High Blood Pressure
One disease that most often affects the blood is high. Due to unhealthy eating patterns and severe stress, this will trigger the symptoms of high blood easier on someone. The fix, use pandan leaves as a beverage. Boil pandan leaves with 2 cups of water and wait until the water boiled in half. Drink this water every morning and afternoon until the blood pressure returned to normal.

Benefits and Benefits Betel Leaves For Body Health

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Benefits Betel leaves
In addition to a very distinctive fruit flavor turns soursop has excellent benefits for health on the part of others that the soursop leaves. According to a study conducted by health experts at Purdue University, USA says that the benefits are not only efficacious soursop leaf to cure and prevent cancer. but also can cure his statement, addition to a very distinctive flavor turns soursop has excellent benefits to health in other parts namely soursop leaves. According to a study conducted by health experts at Purdue University, USA says that the benefits are not only efficacious soursop leaf to cure and prevent cancer. but it can also heal any statement, Do you know the benefits of betel leaves to health? Or you want to know to cure any disease? Then how to cultivate / create betel leaf herb for treating complaints or illnesses that you have suffered? Betel leaf itself contains antiseftik and content of phenols in the antiseftif five times more effective than ordinary phenol. Besides the content of betel leaf can treat various types of diseases that are beneficial for our health. Betel leaves often encountered in the woods or on the market, but we do not know will benefit the betel leaf.Here are some kinds of health benefits for the betel leaf and how to process them:
In addition to a very distinctive fruit flavor turns soursop has excellent benefits for health on the part of others that the soursop leaves. According to a study conducted by health experts at Purdue University, USA says that the benefits are not only efficacious soursop leaf to cure and prevent cancer. but it can also heal any statement,. In addition to a very distinctive fruit flavor turns soursop has excellent benefits for health on the part of others that the soursop leaves. According to a study conducted by health experts at Purdue University, USA says that the benefits are not only efficacious soursop leaf to cure and prevent cancer. but it can also heal any statement,
In addition to a very distinctive fruit flavor turns soursop has excellent benefits for health on the part of others that the soursop leaves. According to a study conducted by health experts at Purdue University, USA says that the benefits are not only efficacious soursop leaf to cure and prevent cancer. but also can cure a variety of other chronic statement, such as diabetes and gout, and asthma.

Ingredients: 6 pieces of betel leaf, 6 pepper and a tablespoon of oil
The third mash ingredients until soft and then rub on the stomach with diarrhea.


7 betel leaves crushed and then mixed with 1 piece of rock sugar and rebuh into two cups of water until the remaining half. The stew is then filtered and drunk 3 times a day with a drink is three tablespoons.

Itchy eyes and red

Boil 6 betel leaves are still young into a glass of water. The stew after a cold was then used to wash the eyes as much as 3 times in one day.

For Whitish

10 betel leaves boiled into a two and a half liters of clean water. After the boil then cool and use to clean vgina.

Those are some ways efficacy of betel leaf and their role for kesehtan body is very beneficial for us to traditional natural medicine. May be useful for everything.

Sufficient food corporation possibilities Promising

Motivator terbaik

Busyness It struck your own parents, In the event give the a great menu That makes It easy for you to serve. Well, the might be a good corporation opportunity This really is promising food. Yes, the way is actually to help Make a easily frozen foods just like nuggets, meatballs, foot dragon and also others. Children really loved it, only live fry and mencocolnya within sauce have been an delicious meal. But your own product for the market which can be created via plants already contain chemicals This would become harmful regarding consumption for the extended term, especially with regard to the person little the which need nourishing nutrition.

Business possibilities Promising food & income Big
It turned out the company possibilities these kinds of foods can be processed in a appetizing dish with out making use of preservatives mix, Monosodium Glutamate (flavoring) and also dyes. whilst the risk is usually indeed your own goods becomes less durable As manufactured. But will be guaranteed to be able to become safe without having side effects along with will be suitable for consumption almost all circles, stick with good taste. the particular firm is really a means you earn money your current trouble-free way. Capital essential can be slight along with is actually covered through the advantage on the then month.

To make That extra appealing and acquire far better nutrition, Just in case end up being excess to be able to a variety of versions of vegetables with striking colors. rendering it designed for an baby exactly who does not such as vegetables. your mother can be happy to help buy it, because children involving today’s tricky to eat vegetables. Processed foods corporation possibilities like the actual usually are quite promising to help run. will also be done by housewives exactly who have numerous spare time.


Capital essential will be singular exactly about Rp 2,500,000, that\’ll be in order to buy a series of of an assist tools, and also materials to make This like:

Prints in addition to cookware
Meat grinding machine
Chicken fillets
Electricity, gas and also workers
Probably due to the beginning, Should not recruiting staff members to help minimize expenses though you can do The item most himself. a person can produce 30 to help 50 packs / night out content associated with 250 grams regarding exactly about Rp 13,000. Each month already earn gross funds approximately Rp 11 zillion added whom have cut your cost involving manufacture. firm possibilities foods is actually indeed quite promising for you to work on the year 2015.