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Kinds of Accounting Software and its Explanation

The development of technology in today’s world of increasingly sophisticated already, many things were created with the aim to make easier life. Starting from the existence of a computer that can be had for personal with different types of software akuntansi; internet network with different types of sites and its services; up to smartphones with a variety of applications; which facilitates a lot of things in the work of humans, providing information, as well as entertainment.

pengertian software akuntansi

There are many computer programs that help various human, one of whom worked in the field of accounting. A wide variety of accounting software, ranging from simple to have a complex accounting calculation functions available to we can use to help perform financial calculations. If you’re looking for the right accounting software to help do your financial calculations, the following will be described several kinds of accounting software as your reference.


Mind Your Own Businnes or MYOB, accounting data processing software is a fairly popular in our country – Indonesia. It looks simple, and ease of use make MYOB liked many of its users. Even the author himself that in fact do not have basic accounting, could his operte easily. With MYOB bookkeeping can you make for personal financial data or your company automatically, accurate, complete, and certainly much more quickly if compared to make it manually. Especially if you don’t quite understand accounting.

If you have a SME or a medium-firm down, you can use this software to help you do financial calculations at once to make your company’s financial reports. Unfortunately you cannot modify the report or field on this software, so it’s quite difficult to do customization. Another disadvantage of MYOB is you can’t use it to manage a company with multi company. But anyway, this software is very worthy for you to consider.

2. Microsoft Office Accounting Express (MOAE)

MOAE is actually a promotional program of MOAP (Microsoft Office Accounting Professional), so you can get it for free. However, although it is only a promotional program, a fairly reliable MOAE.

Display interface MOAE enough detail and simple, which makes it easy to use. To make the financial statements you can directly input the data transactions of note, invoice, et al without the need to first make his journal. It is very easy, even if you do not understand accounting, with the help of MOAE there could make a financial report very well.

In addition to the financial report, MOAE also automatically displays another report which we will need to know the financial condition of the company. Lack of features present on taxation MOAE him that do not facilitate the regulation of taxation in our country. Overall, highly recommended MOAE for you who need accounting software but only has a budget of Rp. 0.0-

3. Krishand

If you need software to help you in terms of tax reporting, then Krishand is the answer. Software that specialize in reporting this tax provides tax forms that comply with the latest tax laws in our country, so you no longer need to bother using blanko taxes. Krishand can save you time by helping to make accurate tax reporting effectively and efficiently.

Krishand another advantage is the ability to display all the tax files from oldest to newest we save, so that we can mereviewnya easily. With these facilities, you no longer need to bother unpacking the archive shed to be able to find the archives critical you are looking for.

In addition to the tax reports, Krishand also can be used to make another report, so you don’t need to use two pieces of software to create your company’s financial reports. Krishand weakness exists on the reusability of her less well, as well as problems of ownership.

4. The Zahir Accounting

Just like other accounting software on this list, Zahir Accounting has user friendly UI. The features provided are also the most likely to complete, even complete compared to the others. Excess Zahir Accounting is on invoices and reports that can be modified according to needs of users. In addition to its report, the facilities and the capacity of the program can also be tailored. Zahir So when purchasing this software you can choose to just buy a standard package with the addition of a specific facility, as appropriate to your needs. In addition to making cheaper, software will also be more ‘ lean ‘ because it is not encumbered by the features that are useless to you.

One more excess Zahir is an analysis of the financial statements provided. With a variety of analysis provided this software, you will certainly be helped in taking business decisions. Shortage of Zahir Accounting exists on the license price is quite expensive, and have only one currency. Another one, in the calculation of the costs of a Union such as cost, perburuh, dkk perhour; will not be calculated automatically.

5. Omega Accounting

Omega Accounting is a good choice if you are a business owner-based retail, distribution, service, food and drink, or hospitality. The Omega program consists of Acc system of selling and buying, and certainly will automatically create the financial statements. The resulting report can be changed its format and grouped according to needs. In terms of data input, Omega Acc provides forms for some transactions such as stock opname, sales, purchases, and other frequently used transactions. Another of the advantages of this software is to support the use of multiple currencies, and warehouse.

6. Accurate Accounting

If you are looking for accounting software that has the Indonesia language versions, you can use Accurate Accounting. With a similar display of MYOB, Accurate quite user friendly. The extended forms and reports in the Accurate can be modified according to needs of users, and features his taxes also support with policy in Indonesia. Sitambah again its support to multi: currency, user, Department, warehouse, and projects.

If you are bored with the look of Accurate, you can replace skinnya according to taste. There are several options of skin that is provided. Unfortunately the user can only login as supervisor, can only open databases on the local computer hard drive also can’t do the migration.

7. Quick Book

If you feel that other accounting software features less complete, try using Quick Book. Although less popular, but Quick Books offers functions and features. There are five Quick version of the Book that you can use, Manufacturing & Whole Sale Retail Edition, Edition, Edition, and Contractor Accountant Edition.

This software has many advantages, such as its support on multi user, Department or currency. His report also comes with graphing and analysis which will help you to understand the financial state of your company. An interesting look as well as support tutorials in pdf form and the video they provide, make this software easy to learn and use. Unfortunately these tutorials are not made in the languages of Indonesia, so it’s a little hard learning this software if less fluent in United Kingdom.

8. iTBrain Indonesia

iTBrain Indonesia is a accounting program created by programmer Indonesia, meaning that it is a product in the country. Even though it is not the result of production of international scale vendors such as MYOB accounting software or other, in terms of features/facilities preparation of financial reports and the ease of use, iTBrain Indonesia was able to compete with other accounting software.

Such as accounting software in General, Indonesia iTBrain will help you to manage your financial data accurately. The resulting iTBrain report data is also complete and ready to print. The demo version is available, if you want to try the software before you buy it. To be sure, support and pride ourselves on products in the country.

9. Easy Accounting System (EAS)

Another product in the country: the EAS in production by PT Teknotama Fortuna Information Globel, a financial accounting software and point of sale (POS) and semi-ERP software system. The main feature of the EAS is to Import transactions (Journal voucher, Invoice, COA, and the list of goods) as well as e-invoices. EAS is suitable for those of you who run businesses such as services, Retail, distribution, import export, construction, developers, hospitals, manufacturing, or education. Shortage of EAS that is not supported by the web base, besides the EAS also can only run on Windows OS only.

The article on the sorts of this accounting software, may add to your insight.

The Best Free Accounting Software Application

Inilah 5 software akuntansi terbaik

1. TurboCash 5

It is said that there are currently approximately 80,000 users who use this software worldwide.

It has all the usual standard functions-stock control, invoicing, debtors, creditors, ledgers, VAT accounting, balance sheet and income statements, and many report-and also supports multiple users, and even some of the companies.

2. Basic BAG

The BAG’s Basic course for free, but there are some drawbacks, like you can not create an invoice or sales order record. But it is still widely used in some countries. You can give it a try, because the Basic BAG also has some advantages of its own.

3. GnuCash

Many of the advantages of belonging to the accounting software on this one, for example, customer and supplier tracking, billing and bill payment, scheduled transactions, and support a number of reporting tools. Advanced features include the management of budget and stock portfolios, while each account can be in different currencies. Double entry accounting and reconciliation tool helps you find any errors, and with versions available for Windows, Linux and Mac (and even an Android application) you can run almost anywhere.

4. NCH Express Invoice

After installation, you can create a quote or invoice immediately, simply enter the name of the customer, product details and so on create notes for you, and you can print, email or fax the results from within the invoice.
It’s easy to schedule recurring invoices, you can trace the payouts the moment it arrived, and keep up to date with the outstanding invoices, sale items and more. If you just need an invoice then check Invoices Express first.

5. xTuple PostBooks

PostBooks is another open source tool with all the features of ordinary accounting: great book, debt and accounts receivable, bank reconciliation, invoicing and more, all accessible through a well presented interface. But that’s just the beginning. It also includes accounting software modules are equally capable of such a product, inventory, purchasing, CRM industry, and sales, for example, while integrated OpenRPT report writer helps you create the reports you need.

6. VT Cash Book

If a simple accounting needs then VT Cash Book might be interesting, since only about recording income and expenditure. So there is no database of customers or suppliers, there is no shipping invoice or purchase module: instead you will spend most of your time just by entering a transaction via direct interface VT Cash Book.

7. Invoice Expert XE

Invoice Expert XE is a free version of the commercial product, and have some major limitations, the most important is that you are limited to 100 customers and products. It’s still packed with advanced features, though – a comprehensive quotation and invoice creator, detailed inventory and customer management, useful reports, and much more.

8. Adminsoft Accounts

Adminsoft accounts is the work of a single developer, rather than the usual large team, but it doesn’t look like it from the feature list. This accounting software is a double entry accounting system that supports debt and accounts receivable, General Ledger, invoicing, purchase order processing, stock control, payroll and more. And there are even some specialist modules. [https://seventhsoft.net/]