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The First Fact Is: It Needs To Be Simple So That The Target Audience Can Understand It. Then Some More Valuable Aspects.

It needs to be objective, because, less and less, people stop to read. Therefore, an elongated, unfocused text disperses very fast and does not attract attention. Most importantly, it must be written in the right way, with clarity, cohesion, good grammar and everything a good text needs.

But, after all, what does a text need to be considered good?

Before we come to this answer, let’s identify what a text should not have. By eliminating what can make your text bad, it is easier to define what can make it good. Come on…

Do not be repetitive: avoid using the same word multiple times in the text. Use synonyms that fit and will give the same meaning to the sentence;
Parentheses: Avoid using them. They are unnecessary. If it is necessary to explain something, use the bet, when a sentence is between commas;
Abbreviations and acronyms: Do not use abbreviations in your text. Of course, there are exceptions. But they are only valid for the abbreviations that, of course, everyone knows. For example DETRAN, SABESP, USP;
Quotes: Do not abuse them. If the text is yours, be original;
Slang: Avoid using slang in your text. As informal as it may be, it is always good to be clear and correct with the language standards.

Now that we know some topics that harm our text, we go to those who enrich our textual repertoire.

Above all, there is something that can ensure that your text is very good. Also, if you make this action a constant practice, your text can become great and even perfect. I’m talking, of course, about reading.

Reading is an activity that raises the levels of knowledge and increases horizons. With this, you will have in your mind and at your fingertips a vast vocabulary and linguistic repertoire, which is not to say that you will learn how to “fill sausage”, but how to not lose focus and get readers to each More interested in what your text can offer.

So when writing a text, remember to:

Structure – In virtually everything we do, we need to establish a structure. This is worth even more for a text. You must determine an organization when writing your content. It needs a beginning, middle, and end.

Simplicity – Sprucing up a text does not make it more attractive. It is also attractive to meet the expectations of the reader, guaranteeing clear, simple and focused content. Do not twist and disguise the main point so that the reader reaches the end of your text. Give him what he needs and he will always look for you.

Style – Everyone develops a style of writing and with practice, you, for sure, will also develop yours. Make the text follow your rhythm and make it enjoyable to read.

Review – A text, an email, a note … Whatever the content, of course, it will need revision. So always read and reread what you’ve written to make sure it’s error-free and with the right language for the type of audience you want to reach.

Focus on the goals you have set for your text and focus on them. Produce interesting and engaging content. Do not be afraid. Go ahead.